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What Is Inside this Brand New Profitable Trading System 
Highly Profitable Signals
This system has been tested for many years by professional traders that have been trading for 30+ years. You will see how to get easy and stable profit, without all the Risk!
Multiple Trade Styles Welcome
This system works for ALL Markets and ANY time frame. Scalpers, Day Traders, and Swing Traders are all going to make HUGE profits!
Introducing the Strike Trader Elite System
You've Never Seen A Profitable Strategy Like This 
Strike Trader Elite is the NEWEST Winning System has built. It has a backdated testing log, proven results, professionally built, and a winning team backing it!
We Solved One of the Biggest Problems Sidelining Traders Today 
One of the biggest problems you will face as trader is finding the right system for you and staying away from “gurus” out there that are scamming traders every day.

They will continue to promote unprofitable trading systems, but in the end you will only be left with less money in your account and a massive headache in dealing with getting your hard earned cash back.

Our simple solution that we have for you today will guarantee you never suffer at the hands of an evil guru again…

We do not promise or share any kind of false bank statements or unrealistic results…

Or tell you that you can make millions of dollars overnight.

The secret to this Trading System that makes it so unique is giving you information at your fingertips about this trading strategy that most other trading "gurus" fail to share!

Most people never find a strategy that works for them…

They try to come up with a system on their own and, because they do not have the proper knowledge, they are left with disappointment.

Most traders quit after so many cycles of this nonsense. Others linger on hoping to finally find something that works.

**But here is the cold hard truth: Most of these traders were doomed before they ever started trying to to trade. They were looking for the “right away” cure to trading and financial freedom which simply doesn’t exist..**

Sticking with a strategy and tweaking it is like going to the gym… Everyone knows it works, but no one wants to do it (because it’s hard and boring and there is no instant gratification).
The average retail trader has many other things working against them:  
  •  Lack of trading tools 
  •  Lack of experience 
  •  Slower market execution 
  •  Lack of inside information
  •  Lack of education 
  •  Insufficient capital 
  •  Wrong Mindset
  •  Unprofitable Trading System 
  •  Listening to Forum "Experts"
  •  90% Failure Rate
  •  Shiney New Object Syndrome 
  •  Not Trusting Their Strategy
You see it's no wonder that the average trader will struggle and then get frustrated and soon quit.
It's a real tragedy when a trader quits before reaching his full potential. There is so much profit potential and yet it seems so far out of reach for the average trader.

We wanted to help traders overcome the same pain and suffering and embarrassment that we went through when we first started trading.

Which is why we are offering our Strike Trader Elite System at a FRACTION of the cost of what it is actually worth.
Improve Your Trading Not Weeks From Now, But Just Minutes! - Let's Show You How!
The wonders it could do for you if you could find a winning system..

To think, all it would take to do this is just a few minutes of your time today.

In fact, once you go through our Strike Trader Elite Bootcamp Training Inside the Members Area and get your system running, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you have a near 70% WINNING system at your Fingertips!

Sound exciting?

Let's show you some results!

Here are some Number we just RAN by backtesting this system on 8 different currency pairs THIS YEAR.

Below is the Winning Percentage we were able to manage on the specific time frame and pair.
We Want to Show You the POWER of a Working Strategy
Rather than us telling you about how great this system has been for us, we want to let the system speak for itself.

The system takes into consideration many market variables which will weed out the majority of false signals.

The system accommodates all types of traders. Whether you are a short term (scalper) trader, a day trader, or a swing trader, the Strike Trader Elite Setups works well for all of you!

We wrote down the TOP 8 Currency Pairs the Strike Trader Elite System works BEST regardless if you are a scalping or swing trading.
In our Strike Training Bootcamp inside the membership area, we will explain in detail why we chose these as the BEST.

To sum it up, after days of backtesting MANY pairs, these showed the highest winning percentage with our system. 

These pairs all have a HIGH average daily range which makes them a no brainer to trade with  the Strike Trader Elite Trading System!
When Have You Made Trades Like These?
GBPAUD M30 $711.68
USDCAD M5 $222.84
EURJPY H1 $624.58
GBPUSD M15 $403.00
These are just a few of the trades we took with this system. 

We will show exactly how to take trades like these every day, no matter the time frame!

This system is ideal for Forex Traders looking to grow their account quickly.

Winning trades happen every day. Even every hour.

When you begin to add up the Strike Trader Elite Profits from multiple trades, you'll watch your account grow quickly and effectively. 

These Custom Tools WILL Give You a Trading Edge... We GUARANTEE IT 
These custom tools are exclusively for the Meta Trader 4 Platform, Meta Trader 5 Platform, Tradingview Platform, Ninja Trader 7 Platform, and the Ninja Trader 8 Platform.

MetaTrader 4 and 5 is arguably the most popular trading platform on the planet. Millions of traders all around the world with a wide range of needs choose this platform to trade in the market.

NinjaTrader Group, LLC together with its subsidiaries provides award winning trading software and brokerage services to active traders.Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader has evolved into an industry leader supporting over 60,000 traders around the globe with best-in-class technology, deep discount commissions and world class support.

Tradingview is becoming one of the most popular trading platform in the world. This platform is web based so there is no need to install this platform.

Strike Trader Elite works flawlessly witch each of these select platforms.
The Strike Trader Elite system works in three different modes.

The scalping mode, the day trading mode, and the swing trading mode.

All HIGHLY accurate and ALL will make you money, we guarantee it! 

These three modes cover EVERY traders trading style. 

And if you don't have a trading style yet, not a problem, we will teach you in our Strike Trader Elite Bootcamp, what we recommend you start with today!

It all will be covered in our state of the art membership area.
In case you don't know us already, we are We are a group of traders who all come to work each and every day because we desire to solve the biggest problems in our industry. 

The lack of good information and profitable systems for market traders. 

We have one goal in mind.. 

We want to help traders and investors of all levels in all walks of life with all types of goals and motivations. 

We strive to give you the best trading strategies and trading systems.

What most people don't understand is why we share our profitable systems?

If we got something that works, why share it with the world?


That is not how we think.

That is how a lot of "trading gurus" think, but not us.

We are different.

Our community loves us because we do what is right NO MATTER what.

We offer the support...

We sacrifice our own time away from our family and loved ones..

We worry about our traders...

We do everything we can to help traders find a winning system for them!

And because of all that, we are known as the good guys in our industry.

But don't let us tell you!

Feel Free to read some of our REAL verified reviews from our trading family the last few days:
Step 1: Attach our custom "Striker Trader Elite" Software to your Charts
Step 2: Wait for a "Buy" or "Sell" signal that our software will generate automatically. The Yellow line will automatically change to blue.
Step 3: Enter the Trade and Set up your stop loss and take profit based on what the system shows you 
Step 4: Enjoy seeing 70% of these trades hit your target 
That is it! 

No need to spend hours analyzing or worrying if you should take the trade or not. Our signals are laser sharp and tuned just right so that you will enjoy more winners and add profits you could only dream of.
During this entire process you will get trading alerts sent to your mobile phone or on your trading platform so you will never miss a trade again!
Here is everything you are going to be receiving today..
#1 Custom Trading Software for Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, Ninja Trader 7, and Ninja Trader 8 ($4997 Value)
Our unique software has the Strike Trader Elite Strategy built in so all you need to do is look for a signal and you are ready to take the trade!

At a 70%+ win rate, the signals are ALL valid on any time frame. 
#2 Unique Strike Trader Membership Area ($797 Value)
We provide you with a custom membership area that you can continue to reference as you learn this new, profitable system.
#3 Strike Trader Bootcamp Training ($497 Value)
Our goal is to get you to learn this system as fast as you can. 

Our training course in the members area will cover a variety of topics so that after you take the training, you will be a certified Strike Elite Trader! 

Here are a few of the topics the trainings will cover:
  • Win to Loss ratios and Reward to Risk ratios for successful trading 
  •  Efficient money management methods 
  •  Position sizing and proper leverage for FX 
  •  Scalping & Swing Trading differences - the benefits of both styles
  •  Smart trade entry methods for Scalping and Swing trading
  • Best FX Pairs to trade and best times of day to trade 
  •  How to trade "News Release" events with precision 
  •  Advanced "in-trade" management for maximum profits 
  •  Support & Resistance levels and tracking 
  •  Developing key habits through "process based psychology" for successful trading
#4 Rapid Support System ($297 Value)
Our team will be standing by 24/7 to assist you with any questions about this system. Unlike other services, we will actually get back to our members and answer any question about the system.

We spend a ton of time and resources with our support team.

That way, any questions you ask, we can answer this for you within 24 hours!
We offer screen shares, one on one coaching calls, and live chat.

If you need assistance, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you!
#5 Closed Private Strike Trader Elite Group ($997 value)
Our members will be able to communicate with each other in our private trading group!

Our Strike Traders are welcome to share their ideas and thoughts about this system. Our group administrator will also keep our members up to date with any news and recommended trades to take!

Our chat group has continuous value since you will be able to talk with other trader all around the world that are using the exact same system.

Our moderators and analyst will share their ideas and live charts with you on a daily basis!

We feel that this could be one of the most powerful perks we added in with this system. 

You will know that you are not alone and our team will be there to help you with any questions!
Add that up and you are looking at a $7585 VALUE!
But we are not done yet!
Bonus #1 Strike Trader Elite Rewards Program
We developed a platinum rewards program for ALL of our Strike Trader Elite Members
Bonus #2 Unlimited Upgrades AND Updates to NEW Platforms
The Strike Trader Elite System comes with unlimited updates. For as long as you are a strike member, you will enjoy all of the future updates that we will perform on this system.

Strike Trader Elite system is for all traders willing to find a winning system..

But there still people out there this offer is not for.
Bonus #3 Special Badges Earned In the Group!
Overtime, you will continue to earn special badges when you complete different tasks.

Here are some of them:
The more you participate and interact the faster you will move up in the Strike Trader Elite Club!

Bonus #4 Live Price Action Training Sessions (Monday-Friday)
Inside our Strike Trader Elite Club, our trading room host Tim, will share his charts and analysis on the current market conditions in a live webinar each week day. He will teach you some of his price action techniques that he learned over the years of trading.

This live daily training session comes at no additional cost! 

Best of all, if you miss a session, not a problem! He records each session so you will be able to go back in time and watch them!
Bonus #5 Strategy Tester! - Test the Strike System LIVE
We developed the strategy on tradingview so that you can test the signals on Stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies!

All this data will generate in an instant! You will be able to test the strategy or tweak it and see if any other settings are more profitable based on the system.
Bonus #6 NOW LIVE ON MOBILE!! (Tradingview Only)
Strike Trader Elite is now available on mobile!
So you will be able to trade on the go!
Simply search in the app store or marketplace "Tradingview" and download this to your device.
Then, once you gain access to strike trader elite on Tradingview, you will now be able to trade on the go on your mobile phone or tablet.
 This Offer is not for you if:
  • You have no real desire to become a successful trader 
  • You are a trader who needs to have 10 different indicators running at a time.
  • You want to try something for a day and give up without asking for help.
  •  You have the time to draw channels on every major pair.  
  •  This is not for people looking for a get rich quick scheme. Yes you can get rich quickly using these techniques but it wont be overnight and it will require effort and discipline on your part. 
  •  This is not for people who are not willing to put the time and work into learning the trading techniques that we offer to you .
  •  This is not for you if you just want to try this for one day and request a refund. We are looking for serious traders.
Now This Offer is for you if:
  •  This is for anyone that really wants to find a way to make a good living from the comforts of your home.
  • This is for people that already trade, its great for current traders. No matter if you are a good trader or a bad trader this will make you a great trader.  
  •  This is for people that have never traded but want to, all you need is a computer and internet connection to get started. 
  •  For anyone with a busy schedule, because the system will alert you of every possible trade entry.
  •  This is for people that want to learn a system that doesn't require hours and hours sitting in front of a trading screen all day. You can do this by trading 2 hours a day or less.
  •  You want to Effortlessly make trades and watch them go for huge winners while keeping your risk small.
  •  This is for You if full time job or a busy schedule because it works in any time frame and if you need to trade long term instead of short term.
  •  If you want to take your trading to the next level 
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Strike Trader Monthly Plan
Strike Trader Yearly Plan
This is our Rock Solid 100% 30-days after purchase money back guarantee
If during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the Strike Trader Elite System and you don't think it's great- you don't like the way it looks- you don't think performs as good as we are saying, just send it back to us and we will give you 100% of your money back! If you do not see the desired results you were looking for or just think that this indicator and everything you received is not right for you then don't hesitate to tell us!
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The Team @ Trading Strategy Guides
This is a 50% discount PRICE! We only have a few more spots before price goes up to retail $199/month!!
Strike Trader Monthly Plan
Strike Trader Yearly Plan
Frequently Asked Questions...
How to I get this System?
You will need to sign up for a broker on Meta Trader 4 Platform, Meta Trader 5 or Tradingview. We will send you your secure login via email. Once you enter in your password, you will have access to this system.
Can I sign Up with A Demo Account?
Yes! Our system allows you to run Strike Trader Elite on one machine. You can, however, us as many demo or live accounts as you need on your own machine 
Is this a One time or Monthly?
Our plans are all billed monthly. You may wish to cancel any time. Once you cancel you will immediately lose access to this system.
Does this indicator only work with Forex?
The Strike Trader Elite System works with any market! We have tested it on many other markets. We recommend you take caution and do your own testing for your own results.
What time frames work best with the Strike Trader Elite?
Any time frame! Our signals are a near 70% accurate on any time frame. We will train you inside our Strike Trader Elite Bootcamp how to stay consistent.
What trading Platforms?
We developed this system for Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, Ninja Trader 7, Ninja Trader 8, and Tradingview.
How much money will I make with this Indicator?
You can make money with this system. We do not have a "set figure." This all depends on your risk management. We will share how to manage risk in the members area with Strike Trader.
If I don't like it can I get a refund?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee the first thirty days after purchase. After 30 days you will be billed an additional payment. At this time the refund period will be expired, but you can cancel your subscription.
Does this indicator only show buy signals?
Nope, it will show you both buy and sell signals. It is perfect for the trending market.
What about trading alerts?
Yes! This system does give you trading alerts.
Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.