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There is a good rule of thumb That can be applied to just about anything really

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That’s why this new offering is so valuable – it takes a proven effective tool – the Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator – and explains it simply and comprehensively so that anyone can benefit from it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new trader with no experience … or a more experienced trader who hasn’t been able to breakthrough to the profits you desire … 

It doesn’t matter if you trade Forex … or if you trade Stocks, Cryptocurrency or anything else related to the MACD … 

Our Ultimate Guide to MACD Trading can put you the fast track to greater profits – and easier trading. 

Greater Confidence in Your Trades
Along With Higher Profits

Are Just Some Of The Benefits That Come When
You Learn How To Master Trading With The MACD!

Widely considered one of the indicators ALL traders should know how to use, the MACD can provide you with tremendous trading insight – provided you know how to use it properly.

In the Ultimate Guide to MACD Trading, you’ll learn how to take advantage of this tool to accurately gauge trend and momentum. 

You’ll also learn key concepts like how to use MACD in multiple timeframe analysis and how to use crossovers to identify counter-trend setups, chart reversals and much, much more.

In short, you are going to learn things
that most traders never know …

things that you may have never known
were possible using MACD. 

This information can push you light years ahead in your trading - allowing you to take your profits to higher and higher levels.

With this training, you’ll start enjoying easier access to essential trading signals so that you can make money with less work and less uncertainty. 

Lets Dive into some charts and see the power of the mACD strategies we created in this book

Our guide has long term, short term, day trades, swing trades, basically any type of trading strategy for the mACD!

Like This MACD Trendline Trade Setup (Long)

This trade was perfectly timed, and was able to nail a quick $1,020 in profits in a few short hours!

Here is a  MACD Trend Continuation Signal (LONG)

MACD trend continuation is a very popular strategy. Our rules were met here and the trade ended up going nicely where you could have nabbed $2,900 in profit in just under 3 days.

MACD Trend Reversal Signal (LONG)

This MACD trend reversal strategy is one of the more powerful strategies you will be taught. It has huge upside potential. The reversal signals are hard to find but when they trigger you can see profits like this by holding these trades for over a week! This trade was able to go up $10,200 in profits and still continued to climb.

MACD Trendline Trade Setup (Short)

This MACD trendline strategy is a core MACD strategy used by many. Our small tweaks we done to this strategy allows you to bank quick daily profits like you see above. This trade moved quickly and was able to lock in +$1,370 in potential profits!

Now are you starting to see the hUGE upside potential to using the MACD indicator?!

Excelling at Trend Trading is Key
to Long-Term Success!

Unfortunately, trend trading
is not as easy

As Simply Buying A Stock When It Is Going Up
And Selling Quickly When Or Just Before It Starts To Fall.

You need to be able to identify key indicators that allow you to properly assess a trend’s strength and persistence and how likely it is to continue in order to succeed long-term at this type of trading.

That’s where MACD comes into play.

While following the same logic as another popular indicator – Moving Averages

MACD boasts additional features that allow it to produce a clearer picture of a more recent moving average compared to an older moving average.

The bottom line is the MACD is a tool
all traders need to have in their toolbox.

And now here is the good news:

Learning to take maximum advantage of MACD is now simpler than ever before thanks to the Ultimate Guide to MACD Trading!

With this guide, you’ll discover how to use MACD along with such important trading concepts as moving averages, trendlines, pivots and support/resistance to remove trading stress and uncertainty and begin executing more profitable trades.

Are You Getting Maximum Benefit
from MACD Right Now?

Chances are you are not! 

That’s because this is another trading tool that traders often try to pick up on their own, watch some random YouTube videos, and that causes them to miss out on all that the indicator offers.

There just hasn’t been any good information on how to use MACD in the marketplace – until now, that is.

Here Is Just Some Of

what you’ll learn from the Ultimate Guide to MACD:

 How to use MACD crossovers to uncover reversal setup signals – plus how to use divergence signals on MACD and its histogram to identify possible reversal setups!

 How to confirm chart reversal patterns with MACD crossovers

 How to use MACD Trend Cycle to monitor open positions

 How to confirm trend continuation setups through the use of MACD neutralization signals

 How to best use MACD in your multiple timeframe analysis

 How to tell the difference between valid and “fakeout” MACD signals 

 How to use MACD crossovers to also identify counter-trend setups – plus, how to find out when and why divergence signals don’t produce valid reversals

And much more

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When we set out to create this manual we wanted it to be an amazing product . . . comprehensive yet simple to follow, written in PLAIN English so that it's dead-easy to read and understand PLUS logically laid out.

At the same time, we wanted ANYONE to be able to start winning more trades through the use of the MACD so we made a promise to ourselves . . . not to hold anything back from you.
We believe we have created the ultimate learning tool for the MACD indicator!

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 The MACD Overview Video Guide
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This video gives you the in-depth information you need to become a MACD expert in an entertaining and attention-grabbing video presentation. You’ll be engaged and you’ll learn all the secrets to using MACD to boost your trading results. You’ll also see the tool in action – so you can just repeat what you see!

 How to Use MACD With Price Action Video
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This is a very powerful combination and you’ll learn all about it in this illuminating video. Beginners and seasoned traders can benefit from this insight that turns MACD into a real profit generator.

 How to Distinguish Between Valid & Fakeout Signals
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This is key to getting the most from MACD! Find out here how to quickly and easily tell the difference between valid and fakeout signals so you can begin taking full advantage of the valid signals.

 How to Use MACD With Multiple Timeframe Analysis
Value $109

This is another key concept for long-term trading success in any market. Find out how to make MACD an integral and effective part of your Multiple Timeframe Analysis here. 

Plus, More Videos Are in the Pipeline
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“Our team has worked tirelessly on this system. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!”

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 How to eliminate stress and uncertainty and start getting maximum benefits from MACD

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