The Next Calm Cash Alert Releases at 3PM EST!!!

The Next Calm Cash Alert Releases at 3PM 

my secret crypto strategy revealed...

Dear trader, investor, crypto enthusiasts,

Recently I was asked...

"Tim, what would you do if you had to start trading over from scratch...

...All the years of studying chart after chart and learning about trading suddenly vanished in an instant...

 ...what would be the #1 thing you would do differently to get back to where you are today in HALF the time."

Sadly today, many Crypto traders are in that position right now.

They have nothing.

There is no knowledge of the market, no plan to execute good trades.

When I was asked this question, without even thinking, I knew what my answer was.

This is not the first time I ever thought about this.

I was not even sure I wanted to share this with the public since this is one of the biggest struggles I had to overcome as a trader.

Because if you are willing to let go of this one thing, something that most traders don't think they could do, then you will grow faster than you could ever dream of.

It would have been the best thing for me back in 2004 when I got serious about trading because, if I did, I would have:

  • Build up my account quicker than ever, which would produce consistent profits...
  • ​Created the lifestyle that I always dreamed of for my family
  • ​Would have zero worry (or regrets) about EVERY SINGLE trade taken

...and I would have accomplished all of this in half the time.

Today, this one element is holding many back and could be considered the #1 secret to rapidly growing your trading account, no matter what you are trading.

The wealthiest and most well-known and respected traders all have perfected this on every trade.

I'm telling you all of this because this is my goal. To give you powerful trading alerts that will change your financial future forever.
If I could save only one trader from blowing their account...

Or help someone better their financial future for them and their family
Then it would all be worth it.

That's why I am introducing...

Calm Cash Crypto


the best kept secret that can grow any trading account to 6 figures and beyond in 1/3 the time!

This alert service gives you the EXACT methods to making great crypto trades and will help you avoid some of the biggest trading mistakes.

Whether you're looking to turn your trading account from a small $100 account to a $500 account, or you're looking to make massive trades and hit 7 figure trades and beyond...

The Calm Cash Crypto Alerts will work for you.

You'll see the secrets unknown to the average trader... 

Pull this one single lever in your trading... and you will suddenly have complete power over how rapidly your account grows.

And it has nothing to do with the common misconceptions about Cryptocurrency trading.

Because now you will learn the precise methods used by the biggest traders faster than ever.

... in only 1/3 of the time!

I will release new Calm Cash alerts starting around 3 PM EST.

So my next alerts will being going out soon in just:


Here's Everything You'll Discover Inside this Cryptocurrency Alert Service 

  • The most important element every trader should have to grow their account rapidly (most traders have ZERO clue about this)
  • ​Why you should stop looking at losing trades... and immediately start focusing on this.
  • ​Why you DON'T need to stress over every minor loss (instead, look at this ONE element and grow from that)
  • ​Why ONLY buying and hold cryptocurrency could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, so instead, trade like I do.
  • ​Follow this ONE rule and do it better than every other trader and you'll instantly become the top 1% of cryptocurrency traders.
  • ​How to boil down your trades so that you can get the biggest profits and greatest returns.
  • ​And much, much more!

The Exact Strategy Used By the Best Crypto Traders Is Now Yours For a Small Investment

These methods helped me make trade calls like this BTCUSD where it hit $8,297 in profit... 

...and this XRPUSD call which hit my profit target of $1,343 in two days

...or this $868 BTCUSD trade I called.

Finally, this $3,716 ETHUSD call I made.

I could keep going, but you get the point.

By following the steps laid out for you in the trade alerts app, I guarantee you'll set yourself up on the right path to grow your trading account at any speed you choose.

This alert service is NOT going to cost you $4,997 

It won't even cost half that.

I am making this service as accessible to as many traders as I possibly can do.

Which is why I am making this deal even sweeter...

You're Getting FOUR Bonuses (Valued at $4,588) Free!

I'm a big believer in overdelivering and helping my traders (you).

That's why I've put together four special bonuses that perfectly compliment the Calm Cash Crypto Alerts and will give you the keys to growing your account fast...

The methods I use work no matter what market you trade, which specific Crypto you trade, or how big (or small) your trading account currently is right now.

First, you're going to get...

BONUS #1 ($2997/mo Value)

calm cash Stock Trade alerts

My precision Calm Cash pattern I trade is universal.

So much so, that I use it when I trade stocks.

Remember, I just said I want to overdelivering because I want to help you?

This is what I am talking about.

I will show you all the current hot stocks I am looking at that I believe will make big moves and follow my Calm Cash Strategy.

Like this Apple call I made when it hit $4,539 in profit:

The value of this bonus alone could be double of what you get with my Crypto alerts.

I will have a minimum of two trades on at all times (Unless the market is doing some crazy things). 

Are you starting to see how this offer is a no brainer?

Well, hold on, because I have way more value I am going to throw at you.

Next on the list is...

BONUS #2 ($497 Value)

A complete strategy to the Calm Cash Crypto alerts

This is a complete breakdown of my trading strategy of everything I do to generate the trading signals.

Inside I dive deep into the high-level trading strategy that I created.

I will walk you through every step of this strategy and reveal subtle tactics that help me turn my trading around.

You're going to see:

  • The #1 reason to ignore everything else but chart patterns - and how to take advantage of key charting patterns
  • Hate losing? Then try this NEW style of trading that jacks up your win rates and turns your trading around in a hurry.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how my signals would have generated $79,142 in a little over two years 
  • ​One stealth tactic for hitting highly profitable trades over and over again
  • ​The single most critical tactic to make better trades - no matter what market you're trading
  • My process and procedures I must follow before taking a trade - You have to take all the emotions out of trading
  • ​The handful of charting patterns that in only look at (they are the best, you'll see why)
  • ​And TONS more...

I've never sold this strategy separately before. Only those who get these alerts will ever get access to this strategy in the future...

This has only ever been available to less than 100 traders before like you. And now you have a chance to see this - for free.

Third, you're getting...

BONUS #3 ($297 Value)

The Tim's Maxims Swipe File

59+ of the best, hard-hitting facts I've learned about trading (with some personal stories)

Now, I almost didn't include this... because it's only for advanced traders.

But if you've ever wondered what separates the average trader, who can't crack the code to making profits... from the famous traders who have 7 and 8 figure trading accounts

Then this bonus will definitely point you in the right direction.

The maxims will work for anything you are trading.

Like when I say, 

"Don't practice until you get it right; practice until you can't get it wrong."

One of my piano teachers had taught me this when I was younger.

I like to say this to myself whenever I'm practicing something; whether it's trading, writing, running, lifting, rock climbing, or whatever happens, it's something that I do every single day.

These maxims contain actionable items breaking down key elements that make a trade go from good to GREAT.

These are NOT sold publicly, at least all together like this.

I wanted to give everyone these maxims to read through and remember while they are executing trades.

Lastly, I'm throwing in something special...

BONUS #4 ($797 Value)

Trade Performance Review

Monthly review of my trades, seeing what went well and what could have been avoided (FULL TRANSPARENCY)

What good is having an alert service without reviewing the trades?

My trading has transformed over the years, so each month, I strive to get better and better.

So I wanted to include the performance of the trades so that:

  • I can be fully transparent with the trade calls
  • To find hidden patterns that worked better than others.
  • To modify and adjust anything that needs tweaking so maximize profit potential.
  • ​It gives you, the trader, the right to know how the trades are performing over time.
  • ​And a LOT more...

You're getting all of these mega bonuses – valued at $4,588FREE as my gift to you.

 You Won't Pay $9,999... $6,999... Or even $4,999...

Today, you can get this for a y̶e̶a̶r̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶r̶g̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶$̶9̶9̶7̶

That's 78% off the value, which is still a great deal for what you are getting.

This system has helped over 75 of my top-level students execute trades like that BTCUD trade which hit $8,297 in profit.

This information would typically cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500 elsewhere (or more).

However, since I know right now is the perfect time to jump into Cryptocurrency trading (with all the crazy things happening in the world), I still want to give an extra "nudge" to make this offer a no-brainer.

I will slash the price by an extra $200 off a year...

Right now, you can get this for just $97/mo.

You're Protected By Our "Calm Cash Traders Club" Guarantee – Here's How it Works:

"If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!"

Yes, this bundle gives you everything we promise on this page!

No tricks. No hidden fees. Nothing like that. All yours today for just $97/mo

Here's Everything Your Getting Instant Access To Today

  • Calm Cash App: Desktop, Tablet, and Phone ($997 Value!) The app can be used on any device, mobile, tablet, desktop, anything you like! That way, you will always be able to open up the app and see Tim's newest trades as he updates them each day on your favorite device!
  • New Trade Alerts and Updates ($497 Value!) You will get notified if there is any changes happening. The alerts will come out at various times of the day when Tim updates his trades!
  • Live Trades... ($997 Value!) These are the current live trade Tim is actively holding. A trade will always start as a setup. Once Tim likes the trade, he will trigger it as a live trade when he takes it.
  • ​FREE BONUS #1 Calm Cash Stock Alerts ($2,997/mo. Value!) I will give you both Cryptocurrency and Stock trade alerts all in one place!
  • FREE BONUS #2 A complete strategy to the Calm Cash Crypto alerts ($497 Value) This is a complete breakdown of my trading strategy of everything I do to generate the trading signals.
  • ​FREE BONUS #3 The Tim's Maximums Swipe File ($297 Value) 59+ of the best, hard-hitting facts I've learned about trading (with some personal stories)
  • ​FREE BONUS #4Trade Performance Review ($797 Value) What good is having an alert service without reviewing the trades. You get to see the record of all the trade history!
  • ​​$100 OFF! LIMITED-TIME OFFER – We’re knocking off $100 dollars off the original price of $197/mo 

Now Is Your Only Chance To Get A HUGE Headstart and Discover The Insider Secret To Rapid Trade Growth With These Trade Alerts!

Before I sign off here, please let me something personal with you.

I'm so grateful to be alive today. I could not have done any of this without the team here at Trading Strategy Guides. 

But this isn't about me; this is all about the lives of hundreds of thousands of traders. I do this for them.

There was a recent study by CNBC that took a poll of 5,523 adults in the United States.

Out of that many adults, 1 out of 10 has traded cryptocurrency.

That scares me.

Not because the number of new traders trading. But, just the fact that I know statistically only 10% of those traders will make any profit.

Out of the 5,523 traders just 552 of them will make any profit. Everyone else will try and fail. Some will even drain their entire account.

So I know millions of traders need something like this to give them the trading edge they so eagerly need to find success in trading Cryptocurrencies.

I want to help you build up your trading account so that it can support your dreams, hobbies, passions, and so much more...

This type of stuff gets me PUMPED up, and I wouldn't change a SINGLE thing about my life today...

However, If I had to rewind everything and do it all again.

This would be it.

You'll make MORE profitable trades and profit much sooner and help you generate passive income to use on yourself the people that matter most to you.

All the things I am grateful I could've had way sooner, and with a lot less stress if I knew these simple little secrets 17 years ago.

If you would rather learn on your own by trial and error and figure things out that way, that's fine.

I'll be here to teach you everything I know and help you succeed.

But if you want to learn the single greatest trading strategy to generating consistent profits… and you want to learn it NOW instead of 17 years it took me…

Then you know exactly what to do.


Tim Black

P.S. Your investment is protected by our guarantee. We will not leave your side once you sign up. Try the trading signals and apply them to your trades to generate more profits and less stress! 


How many trade alerts will I get per week? 

My goal is to get a MINIMUM of 2 new trade alerts for Cryptocurrency and 2 new alerts for Stocks every week. It all depends on what the markets are doing. I do not find it wise to force trades that are not there so I will make sure everyday follows my strategy.

Where will I get the alerts?

Get them on desktop, tablet, or mobile. I have an app you download to get them on mobile devices. Once you sign up today I will show you exactly how to get access immediately.

What trade are you looking at right now?

I have several! This is why you need to get in the app to see my next big trade I am looking at right now that is winding up.

Do you offer refunds?

One of the most important things a trader can do is sticking with something. I believe that if you do not keep trying you will never succeed. So if you document 30 trades and after we coach you if you are still not satisfied you will qualify for a refund. But I highly doubt this will happen, in fact, it never has because what I offer is quality trades.

Are you ready to take these trades with me?

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