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Hi my name is Raman Gill and I am a professional trader and a trading trainer for the Forex market. 

I have mastered taking trades with good risk to reward ratio using my specific Snake Eyes Trading System.

Trades like you see here:
And countless trade setups that I have mastered over the years of trading Forex. My goal of having Freedom was made possible only because of the markets. Because they are predictable when you get the right strategies in place. 

But don’t just take my word for it, here was something one of my students recent just said about one of my trading systems:
I have had a ton of success using her pivot point strategy I think Raman is the best teacher and her course is so easy to follow.
-Cherie L
You see, I am so passionate about trading that every time I develop a new course or teach a new pattern that I found, I break it down in simple terms so that anyone in the world can understand and learn immediately.
I have literally made it impossible for you to fail.
Thats a big claim but let me explain this statement. 

As mother with two children, trading the markets full time has given me the ability to spend a lot of time with my children.

But, I had hard work to get it to that point.

I needed to discover a way to guarantee trading success while not having to be looking at my charts for 14+ hours a day.

With the system I created it gives you, the trader, ample amount of time to do the things you love and still make a great return on investment trading the markets.

Time spent trading was critical for me and it should be for you as well.

Here is why:

Before I started trading Forex, I had a great paying job.

I was making a lot of money but work was keeping me from something I love more than anything else in this world…my children.

 I didn’t have time for my kids. They needed me there at home with them, but instead, I was working long hours and worrying about it 24/7.

I knew I had to change that fast.

There was no way I was going to miss that time with them because I knew I would never get it back.

I knew that my kids will eventually grow up and what would have happened if I was not there for them?

Could you imagine not being there for your child's first words? What about their first steps? This is where my busy life was heading to if nothing was to change.

 I could not do that to myself or my children because they need me there, and I needed them.

So, because of alI of that and a ton of other reasons I will get into later on, I developed a full trading system that gave me freedom and also allowed me to spend time with my family.

I have created a system that I call the Snake Eyes 2000 because I wanted to build something I could use for me to accomplish the goals in my life for having freedom and be financially well off.

And guess what... it worked.

I am able to spend time with my family EVERY DAY!

The reason is because of trades like this with the Snake Eyes 2000 System:
See it is trades like this why I can guarantee that you will make success. 

You may not realize this or not, but if you can find trades where you win 2x what you risk on a trade, you will be a successful trader if you win JUST 36% of your trades. 
Don’t Make the Same Huge Mistakes I Made - My Story 
When I started out trading the markets, I made a lot of mistakes and I don’t want you to follow the same road that I went down because it was not easy.

It was so much added stress on me and my family and I would hate for anyone to ever go through the hardships that I went through.

I started out as an Immigrant from India. I moved here right around 20 years ago and did my Undergrad in Computer Science and got my MBA.

When I arrived, I was living with my parents. It was not a quick, or smooth, transition as immigration can be a long process and a costly one. Because of that, we actually had to live on saving that my parents had saved up over the years.

Coming from a family of hard workers, it was easy for all of us to find jobs. We really did not have the choice, since we had to do what we could to make ends meet.

There are a lot of challenges to moving to new country and new culture.

I always had my heart set to go to college so I did what I could, despite maybe people advising me not to go because the tuition was VERY high, I chose to go anyways.

I do remember a time during this period sitting on some steps crying my eyes out because I was working full time and out of the blue my funding was pulled from school and had no way to get the $5500 needed. I was working on a printing press at this time basically only making minimum wage.

But through all those trials and tribulations, I was able pay all of that off and eventually starting my career in IT.

Looking back on that decision to go to College, however, I still believe that was one of the best investments I ever made.

Being an investor, I always looks at good ROI (Return on Investment).

So being in IT and knowing the ins and outs of this sort of thing I was actually able to start my own IT consulting company after some time.

It was very hard work and took many years of 15 hour days but eventually I was able to make it successful.

But there was one huge problem with my business.

I was caught up every day in it and was not able to have any free time with my family and loved ones that I care most about in life.

So I knew there needed to be a change with my time management because I would spend more time at work then I would with any of my family.

There was an imbalance between my work life and my personal life.

Do you want to know the single moment I realized that there needed to be a big change with my time management?

Unfortunately, it occurred when I was at my mother-in-laws funeral.

It was being held in another city from where I live so I was miles away from home. I had an urgent call from one of my clients because there was a problem that needed to be fixed immediately. I was left with little choice so I had to leave and address the problem.

During this time is when I realized that I no longer have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, with who I want.

I was trying to start a family and the stress levels were very high. So high, in fact, I had two miscarriages which me and my husband thought a lot of that had to do with the stresses of the business.

This IT business ran my life.

I had money but it didn’t feel like I had a life outside of work. So what is the point of having money if you can't enjoy it?
I knew I had to make a change.
I was totally fed up and I sold my business for a big profit without really knowing what I was going to do. I just knew I couldn't live like this anymore.

I was, however, trading on the side during this time.

I actually started trading 3 years before when a friend of mine told me that I could make an 84% return on investment.

I still remember it to this day all these years later because I thought to myself, “how can anyone get an 84% ROI?”

I started trading with $5,000 and started to make a profit.

This wasn’t me trading, it was a firm that was trading for me.

And after I started to see the profit coming in, I decided I should add more money.
But, there was a big problem with that...

My husband didn't want me to invest the money because he felt like it was a bad decision.

I felt like there was just no way that I could pass up this incredible opportunity and I thought my husband didn’t understand a good opportunity when he sees it so I went ahead and added 10,000 to the account without telling him that I did so.

Bad move...

Things were going good for a while and the statements kept coming in every month showing that I was making a ton of money!

I was so pumped about this because, like I said, I am a sucker for a great ROI.
But then it happened...

The firm got audited by the SEC and the statements stoppped coming because the firm was doing a multi level marketing scam and they went under and I lost all my money I invested in.
That one hurt, a lot.

It was very hard to tell my husband and, actually, I did not tell him about this 100% loss of funds for quite some time later because I just did not want to believe what happened to me.
I was the victim of a scam.

So, yes, that was my introduction to trading after having a life draining successful business then getting scammed by a trading company.

So why did I tell you all of this? All of these things I mentioned come as major trials which happens to every single one of us.
A Went Through Major Hardship So You Don’t Have To... 
All those things could have derailed me completely and I could have just given up.
However, when I saw that it was possible to make a high ROI in trading, as a business woman and investor, I couldn't shake that thought.

I had to continue to pursue it.

So I did...

One thing I want to say to you who are reading this right now is that if I would have quit then I would never have been able to replace my 6 figure income I am able to make as a successful business owner with trading.

If you are reading this now, maybe you have gone through challenges just like me. I urge you not to quit and keep reading because I have learned many things that will help you have success just like I have.

Because I had the desire to make a living trading without having the stress of a successful career, I started to take trading courses and learn how to do this.

I took some of the money from selling the business determined to make a living trading.
I started with 25,000 and in 4 short months took that to $100,000 which was a 4x ROI in just 4 months.

That is a $75,000 in profits in just 4 months.

I was like, “Oh my this is crazy.. I love it.. I can make money.”

But then I was starting to live as a trader just like in my IT business, I was up all night, I would sleep with a laptop and I had no life all over again. I had to figure out how to make the money without being married to the charts.

So I decided to stop trading full time and I got a job at TD bank in the IT department and go back to school.

I was working there but my income was capped. I was making good money. Six figures a year but didn't like the fact that my income was capped.

While at school, I ran into someone who was sleeping in class every day and he was making a million dollars a year. I decided one more time to go back to trading because I knew if this sleeping guy could make a million dollars so could I.

After getting my IVY League MBA, running a successful business, and having a successful business career, I decided it was time to go back to trying full time trading once again.

Now that I had decided to give it one more try, I had to come up with a serious method that works so that I don’t have to be up all hours of the night.

I started with indicators all over my charts like this:
And that definitely did not work for me.
The Unique Pattern I Found That Rapidly Grew My Win Rate
After testing many methods, I finally discovered a unique method that combines fundamentals and price action to help increase entry win rate as well as increasing Risk to Reward ratio by helping me get on the right side of the trades.

The next crucial element that I had to learn was the process of trading.

I didn't have a schedule, I didn't have a specific structure.

I asked so many people for help when I was working in a job that your day is laid out for you. But, as a trader, there is no set process to go off of.

I had to create one, from scratch.

My biggest strength as a person is to adapt to whatever I am doing.

Whether is is managing over 10,000 people in the IT department or managing thousands of traders all round the world, I am able to adapt to that role and help others succeed.

I have patience and I make it easy to understand for people who want to start trading.

I love to lay out things to help traders avoid traps.

Help them get started and have success right out of the gate.

One of the things that is really important to me is honesty, integrity, and transparency.

It can be difficult for me sometimes to share and be open because of fear.

I know its not “cool” saying that I am afraid, but I know you that you want to follow a winner.

I need to be open with you.

I am afraid to share with you.
  • Afraid to share my failures
  • Afraid that you will reject me.
  • Afraid that you will call me just another scammer.
However I also know that fear is the biggest object to success so I decided to overcome my fear and be transparent with you.
That is why I started the trading pro challenge on YouTube where I shared my successes and my failures for all to see.

Here is a snapshot of my trading for those 17 weeks:
And as a result I did some amazing trading during that challenge in front of the world.
I also did some really bad trading in front of the world hehe.

I will tell you it was hard.

It was hard because of the haters that came out and wrote comments against me because I am a woman trader? I now realize whenever you try to do good people will do anything they can to try to stop you.

My good outweighed the bad and I ended up making a 3x profit on my account in a 17 week period of time. I could have done much better and have done so many times in the past.

But it was more important for me to be real and authentic and transparent than to have you think of me as some kind of super trader person.

My goal is to train you and to teach you to become a consistent, profitable trader.
Like this:
This is an actual statement that I took a picture of so that I can show you that I am, in fact, making money on these trades.
I know that if I am open and show you everything you will trust me. And that is needed if I am to show you the ropes as a trader.

I honestly want to help you overcome the challenge of trading.

One thing I re-learned as I started the pro challenge and that it is the mindset is what sets apart winning traders and losing traders.

My mindset got even stronger than it was before as I started the pro trading challenge and opened everything up and traded in front of the world.

My mindset got even stronger when haters came in and gave me the worst type of comments which I will not even repeat the filth that was said.

At first, I let the attacks and pressure drop me off my mental game but I came back stronger than ever.

And this is a benefit to you all because now I can teach you exactly how to have the mindset that I have which has helped me to persevere so much. And continue on as a trader.

If you have struggled being a trader and want to make the shift to being a full time trader then you must train with me.

I have been an underdog my entire life.

I know that many of you are in the same situation, you are underdogs. My mission is to turn the underdogs into winners.
Turning Underdogs into Winners With My Snake Eyes 2000 Trading System
I have talked a ton about my backstory for a few reasons.
  •  Because people are naturally skeptical 
  •  Because traders are sick of scammers so you needed to hear the truth 
  •  Because I needed to tell you who I am so you can trust me. 
So you must be eager what I have to offer because of all the success that I have been able to find success over the years of trading the markets.
So as a special offer for anyone who is reading this page right now here is some things that I am adding in to this exclusive Snake Eyes 2000 Trading System:
 Access To My Complete Forex Trading Course (Value of $12,997)
Here is a quick outline of my course that you can start watching today!
 Module 1: 1 hr 36 minutes 
  •  Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  •  my top 3 signature trade setups
  •   equity and risk management
  •  how to create a trade plan
  •  psychology of trading
 Module 2: 1hr 53 minutes
  •  Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • learn market analysis  
  •  charts and Japanese candlesticks
  •  support and resistance
  • trend lines
  •  morning routine and trading process.
 Module 3: 1 hr 36 Minutes
  • Trends 
  •  taking trades
  • daily analysis
 Module 4: 1 Hr 22 minutes
  •  Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • learn market analysis  
  •  charts and Japanese candlesticks
  •  support and resistance
  • trend lines
  •  morning routine and trading process.
 Module 5: 1 Hr 48 minutes
  •  Advanced candlestick patterns
  •  Advanced Range Trading
 Module 6: 1 Hr 39 minutes
  •  Range Breakout Trades
  •  Backtest strategies
  •  Level Trade Setup
 Module 7: 47 minutes
  •  Advanced Range Trade Breakouts
  • Advanced Back Testing
  •  Fibonacci Retracements
  •  Fibonacci Extensions
  •  3 level push strategy
 Module 8 - 2 hrs. 23 minutes 
  •  Trading Fundamentals
  •  Moving Averages
  •  Trade Management
  •  Risk Management
  •  Trading Plan
  •  Pivot points
This course has taken me many hours to complete but it was 100% worth it because I think I covered just about everything that you need to know to get started trading today.
BONUS!!!Access To Me Personally (Unlimited Value!)
I have been doing this for many years, and mostly all of my students have something good to say about their experiences with me. So because of that, I open myself up to all of my traders and will personally chat with you if you ever need anything! Trading can be challenging so if you see something that continues to get in your way I will be there to help you!

Speaking of some of my awesome students I have had throughout the years, here are a few things they have said to me that I want to share with you now:
Raman is a great teacher, trader and great person in general, I have been following her for a long time and she is the only online trading teacher that I trust.
-Steve C
I have had a ton of success using her pivot point strategy I think Raman is the best teacher and her course is so easy to follow.
-Cherie L
Raman,  I’ve learned so much from you. For months, I studied online videos going from one to the next. Even tried some classes These two months with you have put it together for me so I understand how it all works together. My negative balance is starting to show positive. I’m so excited about going forward. Thanks for your clarity and responsiveness. 
-Elaine LaBonte 
Raman is an awesome teacher! I have learned so much in the short time I have been with the trading room. The strategies she teaches have helped me become a more profitable trader. 
-Danielle Pierre
You are the best mentor I've ever known! You use MT4 while the other 'experts' use more complicated systems that I didn't want to learn. You have a unique way of making complex things easy in your course. Allowing us to look and learn with you daily has been inspiring. I believe the best reward a mentor can have is to help a student 'fish' for themselves in these shark infested seas. I'm starting to do just that, with some success now, thanks to you.
I designed this for traders like you who not only want to be successful at trading, but make a living doing so.
This complete package can give you an unfair advantage because you will be one step ahead of everyone else.

You owe it to yourself to include the my Snake Eyes 2000 Trading System in your portfolio.
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You are a trader who needs to have a complex system in place to trade

You want to try something for a day and give up without asking for help.

You have 14 hours a day to learn a new system

This is not for people looking for a get rich quick scheme. Yes you can get rich quickly using these techniques but it won't be overnight and it will require effort and discipline on your part. 

This is not for people who are not willing to put the time and work into learning the trading techniques that we offer to you.
P.P.S. This Offer is not for you if:
This is for anyone that really wants to find a way to make a good living from the comforts of your home.

This is for people that already trade, it's great for current traders. No matter if you are a good trader or a bad trader this will make you a great trader.

This is for people that have never traded but want to, all you need is a computer and internet connection to get started.

For anyone with a busy schedule

This is for people that want to learn a system that doesn't require hours and hours sitting in front of a trading screen all day. You can trade successfully by only spending one hour a day!

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If you want to take your trading to the next level
So that's it...

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I know this course works because it is my life's work as successful traders.

All this risk is on me to perform and none of the risk is on you!

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