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We got the solution for ALL traders (scalpers, intra day traders, and day traders) This indicator is so powerful which has included two indicators in one to give you laser sharp entry points.

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Let’s be 100% honest about custom indicators that you see all over the web….

Some trading indicators out there just stink.

They really are a nuisance to your trading success and are only dragging you down the path to uncertainty.

The most common problem we found with a lot of custom trading indicators you find on the market is that they are not customizable to fit your trading needs and are unprofitable to start.

So, for instance, let’s say you are most comfortable trading with moving averages.

In fact, you love them so much you want to add to your arsenal different strategies/indicators that trade with moving averages.


So you invest $250, $1000, even $2,500 in a trading system and once you get to looking at the strategy you realize that, well, the indicator and strategy stink...

You see one arrow every six days telling you to buy or sell and, when you do finally get a trigger, it’s highly inaccurate.


So you say, “well I can fix this” and go into the indicator properties and try to tweak the system.

To your surprise, the only thing you can change is the color of the arrow… Really?

 One Big Tweak to your Strategy Could Double Your Profits Instantly
That is where the power of tweaking any strategy to make it profitable comes into play.

With other indicators you will come across from time to time, you cannot change any of the rules or settings to tweak them to make it more profitable for your trading style.

Our team is always willing to tweak a strategy once we see that it is not working for a specific pair or market condition.

When you see results that you are only winning 10-30% of your trades AND your account is slowly decreasing, we recommend you start tweaking immediately.

Losing money while trading is not something you should take lightly, which is why we have developed a system we call the Simple SAR for every market trader who is willing to put in the time to learn this profitable system we developed.

You will get in trades constantly that will not only go for profit but do so at a high win rate when you dial it in and make it your own
The Simple SAR Indicator Adjusts to Every Forex Market Condition
The Forex market is constantly changing.

So it is no surprise that just one strategy alone may start losing after an extended period. 

The single strategy approach may win from time to time, but ultimately it may break down, and you are left to go back to the drawing board.

For that reason alone, we developed a combination of different settings you could test with this indicator in other market conditions and time frames to tweak your exit and entry approach.

So really, this is the same strategy, only it is a modified version for that specific market.

Let’s take a look at an example of us tweaking the strategy to make it profitable with that current market condition:
In this case, this was a buy trade which means a green shaded area the indicator will automatically put on your chart will be on top/red will on the bottom.

So that means when the price is in the green zone, you are winning the trade. In the Red, you are losing trade.

As you can see above, if the setting were different, we could have nailed this trade in just a few short minutes. 

You see a green and red background when the signal is triggered.

Instead of taking profit right away when this trade was up big, in an instant, the price action headed to the downside and ended up being a losing trade, as you can see.

This is where the power of tweaking comes into play.

Below is the same example, only it has implemented our recommended settings for that market condition and time frame.
Much better, right?

The Simple SAR nailed this first 20 pip trade, then it gave us an additional trade entry (sell) and nailed that 20 pip trade also!

That is the power of tweaking your strategy! That is what makes this indicator better than 99% of other custom indicators!

We have the recommended setting from the scalper, intra-day, and day trader. No trader is the same, so why should every trader's indicator be the same?
How the Simple SAR Indicator Can unlock Huge Profit Potential With 2 Market Entry Strategies
The Simple SAR is a complete trading system for all market traders who want speed, precision, and a reliable system.

The First is the Super Cross strategy that is built into this Simple SAR trading system.
Signal #1- Super Cross Entry Strategy

The Super Cross strategy gives you more entries and more potential for a quick profit

Like you see here:
The Super Cross Signal is for those traders who don’t have time to wait around for trades to trigger, so this is more of an advanced trade entry that you will monitor while you trade with it.

We will show you exactly how to trade this strategy consistently on the lower time frames if you are a scalper.
Signal #2- Reverse Power Move Strategy

The second signal is the reverse power move entry placement, and it's recommended for traders on higher time frames.
You can have both of these signals turn on just one at a time. 

We will give you an in-depth analysis of both strategies, and you can decide what system you want to go with (or both).

The Simple SAR is a dynamic trading system that allows you to quickly adjust your trading parameters to that in even the most volatile markets you will still trade consistently.
The Simple SAR System is a High Performance Trading System for Forex Traders 
The Simple SAR system can be modified to use both entry strategies.

Or just one you can rely on the ability to adapt to any market condition.

In today’s very fast-paced markets, you need a system that can adapt and be adjusted to track the different market conditions with minimal work on your end.

The Simple SAR system is a unique system on its own, and the main advantages to this are:
⇨ The Simple SAR is Superior to other custom indicators
⇨ The Simple SAR is Adjustable to fit every trader’s needs
⇨ The Simple SAR is Rapid response rate to every market condition 
It will be a hard find to match the Simple SAR’s combination of innovative strategies, raw performance, and technology anywhere else in the markets.

It could simply be the most powerful Stop and Reverse Trading systems available today.
Our team put in the work so that this system even beat our expectations..

Our standards are extremely high when we develop trading indicators for market traders

We spend countless hours adjusting and tweaking every little part of our indicators to make them as consistent as possible, and to us, these results speak for themselves:
GBPUSD Sell Trade
EURUSD Buy Trade
CHFJPY Sell Trade
XAUUSD Buy Trade
In the example above, if you see that the indicator gave you another signal, that is a good indication to go ahead and make another buy entry and move your stop loss up to lock in profits with your first trade!

Which would have looked like this:
Our team knew that this is a superior strategy that dominates the markets.

The system is proven to work time and time again.
Why These Simple Signal Alerts Could help you grow your account quickly
The alerts make this system head and should above any other indicator you will find.
Below is the Step By Step Process you follow When trading with Our Alerts
Step One: 
You Get Notified 
The notification will be sent to mobile saying to buy/sell trigger or you will see this alert on your platform
Step Two: You Check Your Chart
By doing a quick evaluation on that chart you make the trade based on the single alert that was show to you by the simple SAR system.
Step Three:  You take the trade.
Once you have evaluated the charts you go ahead and place you stop loss and take profit and take your trade!
**Above is the exact example of a trade we took by using this simple 3 step process! **

What Real Traders have been saying about our Strategies and Indicators...
I'm constantly losing and waiting for this Indicator. I have read and learned all your systems /Bollinger B., The Big Three, Asian Fractal S., Pin Bar S., but Fibonacci is a No 1 - for me/. I'm very grateful for your help.Thanks.

-Irena D.
I've been backtesting this strategy on it's own the past few days and the profit potential is fantastic. Having this indicator to go with the strategy would take the strategy to stratospheric levels! Great job! Looking forward to putting it to use!

-Edward K.
"Hello Gents . As a member of Trading Strategy Guides, I must say after watching this presentation if this indicator is as profitable as The Five Candle Mastery Indicator or The Big Three... let alone EFC and CTI you gents have revolutionized FX coding into an ART form.
I feel so privileged to be involved with such a professional outfit!!!"

-George J.
"I have been using both the EFC and the Big Three indicator in my trading. If they Both Trigger at the same time in the same direction it is Phenomenal Trade..."
   "Thank you Trading Strategy Guides for providing such an in depth website giving members a large array of strategies to assess and try.
We are all different in our approach and numerous ways are shown to us by TSG. Turning the strategies into indicators is a fantastic aid to add to market analysis. Keep up the great work guys, thanks Damian"

   "I have had tremendous improvement in my winning trades over these few days that I have been testing it on my two Demo accounts."

Did we Mention That the Simple SAR is Available on the Most Popular Trading Platforms!
  IF you want to see a quick demo video of it in action, check out this video below now:
We put you in control of the Simple SAR by letting you tweak this entire strategy!
We have different signal types and strategies to work for scalpers, intraday traders, and day traders. So if you find that our recommended settings are not performing to your standards, then start tweaking!

Here are those 20+ Settings you can tweak:
Our primary focus here is not a 100% win rate indicator (not possible)

If you see that promise (which we have never made in the past), you should run the other way.

Our primary focus is to show you highly quality trade entries fast and that are reliable and consistent in any market condition.

We see marketing gimmicks just about every day claiming that they have the latest and most excellent system available, but if you look at the fine print and see what they are offering, it's nothing but a hoax to steal your money!
 Bonus Feature Added to the Simple SAR: The Triangle Builder 
We added a bonus feature to this indicator that projects where the Moving averages will cross.

This triangle pattern feature is compelling simply because it will give you a good indication of when there will be a signal triggered on that time frame based on the strategy.

We thought this feature would be helpful for those who want to plan their trades ahead of time.
So when the Moving Averages start converging, a triangle is built for you automatically!

This is a very nice feature that we recommend you keep on when you use this indicator in your trading.
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To Your Success,

The Team @ Trading Strategy Guides

The Simple SAR Guarantee... 
“Our team has worked tirelessly on this system. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!”
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Let's not do that. 

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We have already updated each of our systems, and we will continue to do this when necessary. 
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X You want to blame everyone else but yourself for your trading failures. 

X You are highly skeptical that indicators are for you.

Who this is for...

You want a simple solution to your trading failures.

You can not afford a $20,000 trading course.

You want a custom indicator that you can tweak and make it your own.

You are a swing trader, day trader, or scalper in any market.

You do not have a ton of time to be staring at charts all day!

You desire a winning system that is easy to learn.

Trading is all about execution. 

This system will allow you to execute high-probability trades in a flash. 

We can guarantee that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What platforms is this available for?

Answer: Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 only. No other platforms are available at this time.

Question: Is this only for Forex traders?

Answer: Nope! You can you use this for Cryptocurrency! Just make sure your broker on Meta Trader provides this.

Question: How much money will I make using this indicator?

Answer: It is up to you to make the trades. Our signals are there to help you, but you still need to make sure the trade is a good signal. Indicators are not perfect! We never tell you to take all the signals.

Question: Do you have a money back guarantee?

Answer: To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. There is no 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, you have to use the system to qualify.

Question: Do you have support?

Answer: We have a great support team. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We are available to talk, chat, and communicate with you by email.

Question: What timeframes can I use this indicator on?

Answer: Any time frame. We allow you to adjust the settings based on what timeframe you prefer to trade on.

Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.