What if I could TRIPLE your profits with just a few advanced techniques that 90% of Traders Know Nothing About...


Scott Barkley here...

The fact that 9 out of 10 traders fail comes at no shock to me. 
I see how over half of the traders try to scalp for just 3-5 pips and break every money management rule in the book.
I see how they fall into the "Big Boys" traps and get stopped out immediately when they get in a trade.

I am proudly part of the 10% of traders who make consistent pips day after day, year after year because I have a system and methodology that works.

It actually is something I have perfected since I have acquired the trading bug in 2001.

Let me introduce you to my most complex, intensive workshop I have ever created.

I call it the Boot Camp Mentoring Program
What is the Boot Camp Mentoring Program?

This program I designed to cover all the of the most important areas of trading like:
  • Advanced Trading Setups
  •  Dynamic Charting Patterns
  •  Best Money Management Strategy
  •  10 Advanced Trading Strategies  
  •  Trading Psychology Breakdown 
  •  The "Structure" of the Markets 
  •  The "Real Estate of the day" 
  •  The "Why" of the Markets
This class will teach you what the market makers, the "Big Boys", are doing and how that affects your trading. 

My goal is to help you find YOUR specific trading style using our methodology along with some simple but mandatory rules.

I cover many rules that traders should follow because without rules you are doomed to fail immediately.

Some of the rules that I will teach you will be:
  • Margin Management Rules
  •  Trade Setup Rules 
  •  Trade Execution Rules 
  •  Trade management Rules 
  •  Psychology of Trading Rules, to keep you from yourself!
Bouncing From System to System NEVER Works
I have found, over many years of trading and teaching, that traders who bounce from system to system ultimately fail, lose their trading capital, and give up on learning how to be professional traders. 

My Boot Camp Mentoring program is designed to teach you how to stop this vicious cycle and become a real Forex trader. 

I am a Target Trader, which means I trade to known targets, rather than the typical 5-8 pip scalpers’ target. 

I believe anyone of normal intelligence can learn to be a successful Forex trader if they will devote themselves to learning the basic rules of structure, real estate of the day and the why of the market. 

There is no rocket science here, just logical, sensible rules and information for you to apply in your trading. 

It’s really quite simple – learn the rules and apply them, do the work and you have the opportunity to be successful. 

Forex trading is the most lucrative opportunity around, and my Fast Track Mentored students rapidly learn how to become part of that profession.
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So let me break it down for you to you can see just how value this training is (Arguably my life's work as a full time trader)

Boot Camp Training Video #1 - 5 Characteristics of a Good Trader (Value $797)

All good traders have a few things in common. They have commitment, discipline, stewardship, and they continue their education of the markets. I will show you how to acquire these skills in this presentation.

Boot Camp Training Video #2 - All About Trending Markets (Value $597)

The trend is your friend many say which is an accurate statement if you know how to spot them and when the trend will continue.  This video will show you everything you need to know about trends.

Boot Camp Training Video #3 - Advanced Trend Trading Strategy (Value $997)

The first lesson on trends I will breakdown all the characteristics of a trending market. This time you will see exactly where and when to get in and out of these trades with over 90% accuracy! 

Boot Camp Training Video #4 - Where Are Trends Trying To Go? (Value $197)

In the video I explain where exactly trends are trying to go. There is an method to this and I will show you where to identify the targets the trends are looking to hit.

Boot Camp Training Video #5 - Using Fibonacci Levels Correctly (Value $997)

If you go anywhere on the web, you are going to get many different opinions on Fib levels. I will show you the right way to use these in this module.

Boot Camp Training Video #6 - Previous Support and Resistance Levels  (Value $1497)

This lesson will cover the correct way to spot previous support and previous resistance levels. I developed a unique system for doing this. You will learn my secret tricks I use to do this task with a near perfect accuracy.

Boot Camp Training Video #7 - The Secrets of Divergence  (Value $597)

Divergence is when price action goes the opposite way of your indicators. I will explain why this happens and why you should NEVER rely on just indicators to determine if you should take a trade or not.

Boot Camp Training Video #8 - Margin Management Part 1  (Value $797)

I save the good stuff for the last. Margin Management is the #1 reason traders are so unsuccessful. I do a deep dive on how to limit your losses in this part 1 series.

Boot Camp Training Video #9 - Margin Management Part 2  (Value $797)

I cannot say this enough to traders I teach - "Press you winners without exception!" This last video I will bring everything together and show you the secret sauce of a successful trader.

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Free Updates To The Boot Camp Training Course (Value $1997)

You will get free upgrades to the boot camp when we add in new videos! We always update our products so this is just another great perk to subscribing to this one time offer!

Trading Strategy Guides Insider Value Strategy Access (Value $497)

You get access to all of the trading strategies in the Trading Strategy Guides vault, From time to time, trading strategies are added in!
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Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Refunds: This transaction is non-refundable.If you need a money-back guarantee, then you should not invest in this program... because there are no refunds after you join. This Info which has taken me over a decade to put all together I'm all in on this for you. And I will teach you a skill you can use to create the life of your dreams Ultimately, you are your own guarantee.