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Hello traders and investors! 

Today, we wanted to share with you a chance to join our early access trend breaker team and work alongside some of the best Forex traders in the world to build out one of the best trendline system ever created.

This opportunity will not come around again as we are only opening this up for a limited time.

The idea started when we saw that community had a ton of questions about trendlines...

We saw questions /comments like:

"What is a trendline and why does this even matter in trading!?"

"Trendlines seem to work but I have no idea how to draw them, help!"

The truth is, trendlines do matter! You should be using them, in some way, in every trade you take.

It is because this is a psychological level that many of the big market mover use to take and get out of trades.

Traders like you and I can benefit for this by seeing when a trend is about to die and reverse back!

Our Trendline Tool was Inspired by our trading community

Our community are some of the most loyal, passionate traders that you will ever find. There is a fire that is burning inside of them that wants to be the best trader on the planet.

Not just an average trader...

Or even good trader..

But the BEST trader!

That is why we are building this trend breaker community to work on, and eventually become, a group that everyone wants to be a part of, but cannot, because they did not get in when they could have.

But that is not you today, because you are one of those traders we are talking about.

You do have a deep burning desire to become a great trader.

And if that is not the case, we hate to say it, but we recommend you exit this page now because this system will only be for those who are passionate about their trading success.

That is how serious we are about this.

We only want loyal, passionate traders to invest in this new system because only those traders will end up successful at the end.

If you come into this on the fence already, you are only going to give up!

Which is why we are telling you to leave now if you have no desire to

A. Become a great trader
B. Be apart of the closed community that has a burning passion to become great. 

So now since we got your attention, lets get into this thing!

We cracked the code to drawing trendlines...

Drawing accurate trendlines was the central theme behind this system.

After all, that is what this system is all about.

But, little did we know, this was no an easy task to do.

You see, if we had 100 traders in a room that saw this chart...

...and we told each one of them to draw a trendline, here is would most likely be the outcome:

There would be lines everywhere!

So, with so much indecision as to where to draw a trendline, it was very clear to us that this would not be easy to develop a tool for this.

But when there is a will, there is a way...

After testing, retesting, and observing the results we finally cracked the code on drawing trendlines that have the highest probability to have a HUGE breakout.

We are not talk a little 10 or even 20 pips. We are talking, 100, 300, even 600+ pip moves! 

Those are the type of trades that could change your life!

So, in the example above, here is what the trend breaker tool would have looked like in the above example chart:

As you can see, we filter out a lot of the small movement that happens and only post trendlines that have the highest probability for the price to break it when reaches this zone.

Will the price breakout and hit a 300+ pip move every time it breaks the trend lines that our indicator paints?

No, but what it will do is show you where we think the biggest potential is for a HUGE move to occur.

Before we go any further, lets look at what platforms are available for this tool right now.

Trading Platforms Supported...

The indicator will be released on these two platforms only for early access beta members.

If you never plan on using these platforms then you will unfortunately will not be able use the system unless we add more platforms which is a possibility down the road.

In the early stages of development, at this time, we are only focused on these two platforms.

 Sneak Peek at The Trend Breaker Indicator in ACTION

You may be wondering how it will look, and how you could use this right now.

Well, take a look!

When you see it break that green line that the indicator drew, price quickly surged to the upside!

Let's dive into some live trade examples.

 Live Trade Examples with Trend Breaker 


+256 Pip move after breakout of trendline


+455 Pip move after breakout of trendline


+766 Pip surge after break of the trendline drawn.

Speaking of cool features, this indicator has so many great features we added in (and plan on adding.)

Here is everything you will be getting today for a low, one-time investment!

Trend Breaker Feature #1: Notifications / Alerts

(Value $197)

First order of business is being notified of a break of the trend line and if it triggering a buy/sell.

What is great about Meta Trader is that you can set up the notifications to go directly to your mobile device.

The alert will have important information like:

-Entry Price 
-Stop Loss Price
-Take Profit Price 
-Moving Stop Loss Price 

Trend Breaker Feature #2: Full Customization

(Value $197)

We always let you customize your indicator.

We will have many color adjustments and other features you will be able to tweak to your liking!

The indicator is also able to adjust many different ways and has the ability to filter the signals based on a few criteria that we will show you in the documentation.

Trend Breaker Feature #3: Trade Simulation

(Value $597)

The trend breaker will be able to simulate trades based on the exit criteria that you choose.

When turned on, the default will be set with the ATR exit strategy that we set in place for this system.

There is also another option to set the exit position and stop loss at an exact pip value.

Either or, it is a great way to test the system and see just how powerful these trades can be!

Trend Breaker Feature #4: Trend Breaker Beta Tester Private Group

(Value $297)

We will be giving you access to a private lounge where all of the early adopters can hang out and talk about the system.

The best part about being an early adopter is that your opinions matter and all of your feedback will be considered while we continue to improve this system.

Do you have to comment and make suggestions? No, but you can follow along in the group and see what others traders are saying!

Trend Breaker Feature #5: Members Only Quick Start Videos

(Value $797)

We will be regularly updating the members area with videos on the system.

These will cover everything from how to install the indicator to how to tweak and adjust some of the setting and so much more.

Our goal is to show you exactly how to use this indicator for your trading so we provided a vast amount of resources to help you.


Now the above is good and all, but we wanted to make this offer a no-brainier for you today so we threw in a few extra bonuses! 

Early Adopter BONUS #1: Free Trend Breaker Documentation/How-To Backtest Guide

(Value $797)

It is important to know exactly what you are getting into when you get an indicator. After all, you are putting your trust in us that what we are presenting is accurate.

To take away any confusion, we are being 100% transparent with this system and are giving you our documentation and how-to back-test the indicator.

This will allow you to see for yourself how the indicator looks in real world market moves.

Early Adopter BONUS #2:  Live Early Adopter Video Calls

(Value $997)

Our strategy team will be hosting live video calls for early access trend breaker members.

This way, if you have any specific questions you can ask them in the calls!

Early Adopter BONUS #3: Trend Breaker Early Adopter Badge 

If you join today, you will be eligible for an early adopter badge! 

You will get this badge via email, so you can immediately print it out and save it for your records 

The reason we wanted to give you a badge is because we wanted to give you recognition when this is one of the most popular system for trendlines!

Also, because of our trusted and loyal subscribers who continue to grow every day...

In fact, lets hear from a few of them!

Look guys, I gotta be honest with you. I had only one thing from you , the EMA crossover INDICATOR on MT. After using it on my demo account for a few days , I used it in my real account, I was totally surprised by the accuracy. Well, it takes some time for the right call but for me it was 100% profit.. Thank you team    -Roy

I would give you guys 7 stars . guys do an amazing job and your tools works 😍👌 please keep the good job up and I'm willing to the strategy    -Isaac

I honestly believe that trading strategy guides is in the top 5 of true teachers and help out there online today in the world of trading    -Keron

To tell you the truth it's a great thing to be a part of the family if I knew about them last year at the beginning of the year I would have been financially free. -Romeo

So here is what to do right now...

If you are ready to become an early adopter and gain exclusive early access to our Trend Breaker Team, with all of the of extra bonuses we are including, simply fill out the secure order form below to gain immediate access today!

Early Access is now open. Save 50% off for a limited time
➊ Trend Breaker Indicator: Get access to the indicator for MT4 & MT5
➋ Early Access Members Only Quick Start Videos: You get private members only videos about the system!
➌ Feature request & early adopter lounge: We created a place to go when you have a feature request or any other information
 ➍ Unlimited Updates: You get all the updates free for life! Early adopters get first priority support.
 BONUS #1 Free Trend Breaker Documentation/How-To Backtest Guide: We developed a unique tool for Meta Trader the session start times.
 BONUS #2 Early Access Live Video Calls: Live calls with our team! We will discuss things like improvement suggestions and much more.
 BONUS #3 Early Adopter Badge: We will give you a cool little badge for being an early adopter!
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Frequently asked questions

Question: When will I get access to the Indicator?

Answer: You will immediately get access to the Indicator for Meta Trader 4 and 5. This is the early access version and it is not 100% complete which is why we listed this at a near 50% discount. 

Question: Why such a significant discount?

Answer: This is not the final version of the indicator. As a result, we discounted the price for early access members who are willing to test the system and offer up feedback.

Question: Will it be available at this price again?

Answer: No. At least at this time we plan on launching this at full retail price at a permanent $497. 

Question: What about refunds?

Answer: If you are already thinking about a refund, please to not join our early access program. This will be a one-time charge forever.

Question: Does this system guarantee me success?

Answer: No it does not. We have provided you will the trading strategy and rules. You do not need this indicator to trade the strategy. Read the rules and you can trade it manually if you wish. This tool can make it more simple to follow, however.

For any other questions direct them to info@tradingstrategyguides.com

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