Attention Traders: The BIG THREE Indicator Can Win Three Times As Many Trades Than Your Average “Free” Indicator You See in the Marketplace.- Guaranteed 
 The Big Problem is, There are Hundreds Indicators Out there, But Most of them Will NOT Help you Trade the Market!- They are JUNK
Whether you have traded for 10+ years or are still learning the basic concepts of trading, you probably know by now that indicators can either help your trading immensely, or it can be a catalyst that is holding you back.

Some of the indicators you will find will make you scratch your head and wonder “what were they thinking” when developing something like this.

Now most traders are not programmers, so asking them to program their own indicator would be asking a bit too much would it not?

So when you see other “fancy” indicators how do you even know those individuals are traders?

 How can you trust them?

Here are the BIG THREE PROBLEMS you will run into when trying to use these type of indicators you find on forums and other services that claim to be the best.

1. They have no proven track record, so you have no idea if the system even works. 

2. Most of the time there are hundreds of Software BUGS that make the indicator impossible to use. 

3. Distracts you From Potential Winning Trades.

That is exactly why we stepped up and developed what call the BIg Three Indicator.

We developed this indicator that uses a proven, profitable trading strategy, that has all of the bugs ironed out, and that will show you consistent profitable trades on every single time frame.

No need to go searching for another indicator again. The Big Three has everything you need to start trading today and we are going to show you why.
Learn How to Make Winning Trades in Less than 30 Seconds!
When you attach the Big Three Indicator to your chart, you will know within seconds if this indicator works or not.

Take a look at this:
You see here that when the line turns red, you know with little doubt that the price action is heading to the downside.

But when the line turns green it is heading to the upside:
When you see a long stretch of Yellow line, you know that this is neither going to the upside or downside so you do not trade this. 

We built into this indicator that when the price action is consolidating it turns this color to show the trader that they should not be interested in a trade at that time. 

Below as an example of this occurring:
 You see here that if the Big Three is showing yellow you should not be in the trade because the market is flat.

Think of it as a stop light. 

When the light is green you are on the Bull Train and it is going up so you BUY!
But if it is RED you are on the Bear Train and You are STOPPING (Selling) the market at that time.

And finally, if it is YELLOW you do nothing because it is ALERTING you to stay away from entering the market because it is neither bullish or bearish. 
PROOF: Why Should you Trust Us? What people are Saying about Our Indicators and Trading Strategies.....
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We know you are tired of losing money time and time again on bad trades...

In fact, you may just be getting home from a long day at work, just opened up your trading platform took a few trades and ended up losing over 10% of your account in one setting.

A lot of you know that it's only a matter of time before you get so frustrated you take an "all in Trade" to try to rebound and suck your account completely dry...

Maybe you started out with a $5,000 live trading account two months ago and now after two months of trading your account is now set at $3,500.

 That means you have lost -$1,500 in the last two months and are ready to pull the plug... You are sick of it and you just want to quit

Is that you?

Or are you almost to that point now where you don't think it’s possible to make money as a trader?

The Big Three Indicator is here to help, along with a dedicated and passionate team of traders that want to help you succeed!

We developed this simple system to help you grow that account back up to where it should be and start showing you places to enter the market that you never would have entered before.

 The strategy in itself is one of our most profitable strategies so we want to reach as many traders as we can which is why we developed this indicator for you on multiple platforms!
 We are constantly improving our indicators based on our traders feedback, so when you invest in the big three indicator you will know that you are getting something more than just a single indicator… 

You are getting a team of compassionate traders who are willing to do what it takes to make you a better trader by showing you detailed stats and information about this powerful system.

We heard our traders request and due to popular demand we now developed the Big Three to work on Meta Trader 4 and Tradingview.

Tradingview is a top 2000 website in the world that gives the trader the ability to look at the charts for every market:
And better yet, you do not need to install a trading platform! So that means you will be able to use the Big Three indicator on your smartphone, your smart tv, your tablet, your PC, or whatever device you have that can access the internet.
Or if you want the big three up and running on all of these devices at once, then you can do that as well!

This is the best news you have heard today because you will be getting unlimited access to an indicator that can help you make over $1000 a week in trading the market.
No Hidden Fees, Monthly Plans, or Nasty Emails From Us wanting Your Money...
Why would we offer something so helpful for traders, and only let a few in because of the expenses? We know that there are a lot traders that just cannot afford another monthly or yearly payment to their bills. 

So we thought, even though we think this system is totally worth spending $199 a month for it, why not offer it to the trader for a LOW, one time cost…

 We are not making indicators just to grab your money and run.

We are in this to help make you a better trader which is why we started this business in the first place.

We would give this entire system out for free if we could, but there are expenses we need to cover so that we can keep this indicator running as smoothly as possible!

Keep reading and we will show you just how little the cost of this indicator is in terms of what it will do for you in the long run!

Because we know that your time is valuable and you need to use it as wisely as possible.

Which is why we developed alerts with the Big Three indicator because they will cut the time looking for trades in half!
Busy and don't have the time to stare at charts all day? No Problem We have Alerts/ Notifications!
This will alert you when a big three trade is currently being triggered on a specific time frame.

If you set up notifications with Meta Trader 4 you will also receive these signals on to your mobile device.
This means that you will get The Big Three signals at your convenience. No need to be in front of your charts!

Tradingview also has an incredible versitile alert function built in, so if you do not have Meta Trader 4 Platform then you are still set!
 So here is our Special Offer for you today- LIMITED TIME OFFER AT THIS ONE TIME LOW PRICE
There are many reasons why you need the Big Three Indicator today. We would give you only three but there are so many reasons why you need this that we have to share more…
  • Unlimited access to indicator (This has a total value of $2499)
  •  Alerts/ Notifications Built in (This has a total value of $599)
  •  Customizable indicator that Works on Meta Trader 4 (This has a total value of $499)
  •  Customizable indicator that Works on Tradingview (This has a total value of $599)
  •  Backtest, Proven Success Rate Indicator (This has a total value of $799)
  •  Big Three Strategy Report for Scalping, Day Trading, and Swing Traders. (This has a total value of $299)
  •  Unlimited New Updates to the Big Three (This has a total value of $399)
  •  Beta Tested by Hundreds of traders (This has a total value of $899)
  •  Advance Trading techniques Available ( This has a total value of $99)
  •  Email Trade Alerts from our Live Trade Ideas in Members area (This has a total value of $99)
  •  Used With Any Market, Any Time Frame (This has a total value of $299)
Add all of the value of the big three indicator and you are left with $7388!
But why would we sell the Big Three to you at that price?

Only a handful of traders could afford that right now which is why we will sell it for that much!!

Instead we will charge you only $199 today…

At $199 you are practically stealing from us but we are going to sell it even lower than that in this limited time offer!

Which means that in the next week we will be giving you access to this entire system for only a low- one time cost of not $199 but for an even bigger discount 

Which is practically giving you a $7388 indicator for almost nothing compared to the actual value.

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And as you know, you could make that all back in one day of trading!

Like this run we had in the past with our account we used to trade with the Big Three...
We are not promising that you will see $2,700 winners every trade, but you will see that this indicator does work and will show you winners that will run for 50, 100, sometimes even 200 pips in a single signal.

This offer is great already, but what if we added a few more elements that will make the value of this system skyrocket to over $10,000!

Additional BONUSES For YOU:
Since we are so excited to give you this product for such a low price, we want to make this offer a no-brainer for you.

You Get The Big Three Indicator and strategy report.

Bonus # 1: A lifetime of trading support at no charge to you. (Valued at $500) 
We will answer all of your questions in a timely manner, and give you clear directions on different elements that may not have been covered in the strategy!
 We will help you install the indicator in a step by step guide.

Our team will also help you in your trading and coach you along the way if you are struggling.
If you are not happy then we are not happy! This is our way of showing you that we believe this indicator will work for every trader!
Bonus #2 Special Big Three Access Pass to the Strategy Vault.
WOW...With all of the reports, we have in our vault right now, we value access to this to be worth $1497.... 

In fact, Access to the vault right now costs $297.
But You get complete access, free with your Big Three Indicator Membership pass!

Everyone one of these special reports will give you clear step by step instructions on trading strategies using other popular indicators such as RSI, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, MADC, Trend lines, Price Action, Parabolic SAR, Simple Moving Averages, Head and Shoulders Patterns, Fractal Inidicator, support and resistance and Much more..


We continue to add 2 new and useful full PDF strategy reports to our vault every month!

This alone will make your purchase worth it because you area getting a lifetime of free trading strategies to learn!

The value is neverending when you are a member or our team!
Bonus #3 Live Trade Ideas In the Members Area. (Value of $999 Per YEAR!!)
We post at least 3-4 trade ideas every day and add them to our members area. So all you have to do is login to the members area and you will see live, fresh trade ideas that we will post.

We will update them if the entry did not trigger, and share information like where to place your trailing stop loss or why we ending up cancelling the pending order.
Now who this incredible offer is NOT FOR:
  • You are seeking a "get rich quick" product. And if that's what you're looking for, then quite frankly, you should stop reading and look somewhere else.
  • You enjoy complicated charts that give you 20 different reading at a time 
  • You do not care about becoming a successful trader
  • You have 14 consecutive hours a day available to stare at your charts
  • 100% win rate indicator- Lets face it, no indicator can perform 100%. If you find one that claims that, run away as fast as you can!
The Big Three Indicator IS for YOU if:
  • You want a simple solution to your trading failures.
  • You can not afford a $15,000 program that may or may not work for you
  • You like Easy, Fast and Clean charts to read
  • You are a swing trader, day trader, or scalper
  • You do not have a ton of time to be staring at charts all day!
  • You desire a winning system that is easy to learn
  • You have been looking for a great Meta Trader 4 and Tradingview Indicator
Now if you are not completely satisfied with everything that we gave you here is what we will do for you...

Because we know this indicator works, and we know you will profit from using this indicator this is what will do for you if you are not completely satisfied with everything that you received...
This is our Rock solid 100% money back guarantee...
If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the Big Three Indicator and you don't think it's great- you don't like the way it looks- you don't think performs as good as we are saying, just send it back to us and we will give you 100% of your money back! If you do not see the desired results you were looking for or just think that this indicator and everything you received is not right for you then don't hesitate to tell us!

Our desire is to give you something great so that you can profit from it and ultimately become a great trader! If that is not happening and you think something else will work better, then we will gladly give you your money back without question!

So here is what you should do next...
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Thank You for your interest in the Big Three Indicator! If you have any further questions about the Big Three Indicator, contact us at

To Your Success,

The Team @ Trading Strategy Guides
Question #1  I am a Scalper, I Trade lower Time Frames only, Will this Work for Me?

We designed it to work for scalping because we know that some of you have busy schedules and do not have the time to be trading all day long!

The scalping technique for the big three indicator is quick and easy to learn. 

Here is a great scalping trade  with the Big Three Indicator: 
Question #2: I am a Day Trader and Occasionally I will Hold a Trade overnight, will it still Work for Me? 
Absolutely, this will work for you...

This strategy is built around this type of trading, actually. 

Some winning trades on these higher time frames will go for 50, 100, even 200 pips before signaling to get out of the trade! 

Here is an example:
This is a EURUSD H1 time Chart: 3 Trading +171 Pips! So yes, it will work for you!
Question #3 How do I know I will Win consistently with the Big Three?
That is a unique question but one we frequently receive from our members.

Our indicators are not an EA robot that will take every trade for you. There are still times where you need to hold off on a trade even if the signals is right (news events, close of the market, etc.)

Our Big Three will help confirm a trading decision and can be used with other indicators like the MACD, or Stochastic.

Again you can get this unique indicator + special strategy report + lifetime support+ access to the Trading Strategy Guides Report Vault+ live trade ideas every single day for a discount!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $99, you're getting unlimited access to the Big Three indicator with all of the unique features that are included, you're getting lifetime support from Trading Strategy Guides, you're getting access to the Strategy Guides Vault that Includes over 10 unique PDF strategy Reports with two new reports being added in monthly, and you are getting live trade idea by our Team inside the members area. 
Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.
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