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“Raman, I’ve learned so much from you. For months, I studied online videos, going from one to the next. Even tried some classes. These two months with you have put trading together for me so I understand how it all works together. My negative balance is starting to show positive. I’m so excited about going forward. Thanks for your clarity and responsiveness.” 
– Elaine LaBonte
“Raman is an awesome teacher! I have learned so much in the short time I have been with the trading room. The strategies she teaches have helped me become a more profitable trader.” 
– Danielle Pierre
In these revelatory new videos, Raman Gill demonstrates all the tactics that banks and investment companies use for consistently profitable currency trading – with step-by-step explanations, using real trades she herself has executed.

You could be trading currency for years and not the secrets she reveals, simply because most people who create trading videos and other learning programs have never had experience as currency traders in top-tier financial institutions.

So if you want to trade currencies and enjoy the freedom and luxurious lifestyle that come with building independent wealth but are concerned that you don’t enough about how to do it successfully – or can’t find a course you can depend on, you’ve discovered the ideal answer!

You’ll learn everything you need to succeed PLUS:
  •  Exactly what Pivot Point Trading are and why they MATTER!
  • The simple formula financial institutions use for creating a daily pivot point – the ideal reference line to observe the movement of the currency with astounding insight
  •  Equally simple formulas for bracketing the pivot point with revealing resistance levels above it, as easy-to-follow, differently colored lines, and as revealing support levels, indicated by differently colored lines below it
  •  How to understand candlestick graphs to see entry points for long or short trades that have a consistently reliable probability of success
  •  The ways to see with professional know how when to exit a trade to protect your huge profits
  •  The ideal levels to place stops to preserve your frequent winning trades and protect your occasional losing trades when surprise developments make the market go against your trade
  •  How to understand and apply the convergence of various signals, including Fibonacci numbers, to confirm the ideal entry and exit points for maximum wealth building
Plus, free software that automatically calculates the daily pivot point, resistance levels, and support levels for any currency and inserts them to let you track the currency’s movement with professional precision.
This Concise Course in Forex Pivot Point Trading by Raman Gill is truly the ideal easy
to-understand yet expert way for you to enter the wealthy world of professional Forex

So you can make successful trades like this breakout, hugely profitable  trade made by the author. 

It’s just one of many successful trades you’ll find in your course to help you learn
how to make the very same kind of high-probability trades, as well as where to place
stops to protect the profits from your many winning trades and severely limit the losses
from the occasional trade when the market moves against you.

We know you may have concerns that are standing in the way of purchasing Raman’s Concise Course in Pivot Point Trading, such as: 
  • Fear that you won’t be able to understand the principles you need to know.
  • Uncertainty about whether her course is the real thing or just another scam.
  • Anxiety that you won’t learn enough to be successful and could easy prey for professional currency traders .
  • Knowing you never did currency trading and are afraid to try it.
  • Worry that you don’t have enough time to learn professional currency trading.
  • Thinking it will cost too much to learn.
  • Even Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2.
  • And So Much More...
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 So we urge you to listen while Raman herself tells you about the concise course she created to reveal the way banks and other financial institutions trade currency, so you can do it, too.

 Along the way, she’ll share her own journey to learning the invaluable trading method she wants to share with you and how she discovered her special talent for explaining complex concepts, so her students can understand them easily – and then implement them for their own reliable wealth-building.
Hi, I’m Raman Gill,
I’ve been trading currency and teaching others how to do it the way banks and investment companies do for many years. 

I think that, when you know more about me, you’ll understand why I can teach you how to become a professional currency trader, whether you’re a beginner or veteran trader – and why I can do it in just 4 short video lessons.

To help you get on the fast track, I’ve even included …
  •  THREE BONUS currency trading examples 
  •  FREE SOFTWARE to insert your daily pivot point and other key reference points automatically, so you can get started right away – and with more confidence than you can imagine. 
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Now, let me tell you more about myself, because I’ve taking the same journey I’m inviting you to take. I’ve experienced the ups and downs, the joys and despairs, the wild wins and heartbreaking losses that come with learning how to trade currency with professional skill.

Once you read it, I think you’ll be even more convinced it’s the course that can open the door for you to confident Forex trading, a lifetime building enormous wealth, and the ability to enjoy the freedom that comes with secure financial independence.

Before I began trading on my own, I was a leading currency trading at a major investment firm. It’s where I learned Pivot Point Trading, the method all the traders used and the nearly universal method used by traders at the other major banks and investment firms. 

Once I learned Pivot Point Trading, I quickly became one of the leading traders at the firm. 
There are two reasons. First, I have a degree in computer science and have worked as an IT professional. So I was able to understand the trading method thoroughly and work with it more expertly than most of the traders. Second, I also have an MBA from an Ivy League university, so I’m trained in how weigh risk-rewards to maximize profits.

I realized that my deep understanding of Pivot Point Trading and my unique combination if IT knowledge and business knowledge gave me a unique background.

At the same time, I became so busy as a trader in the investment company that I began to neglect my home-life. I had a loving husband and two young children, and I wanted to spend more time quality time with them.

I also realized that I have always loved teaching.

I decided I possessed unique knowledge that I could offer to other people who want to do forex trading like banks and investment companies do, so they can build wealth reliably while radically limiting risk.

I told my husband about my decision to resign and about my plan to become an independent forex trader and teacher. He was totally supportive. Since I had made a mountain of money trading at the firm, I could afford to support myself while I established my reputation.

I took two critical steps.

First, I created a podcast, called Trading with Venus.

After you take my concise course, you’ll be in an ideal position to continue your education by joining the many other advanced students and successful traders in the audience of my podcast – and you’ll be able to participate while we analyze real-life trades to sharpen our skills beyond a level than most traders can never hope to reach.

To my surprise, Trading with Venus magnetically attracted people who want to trade currency like the banks and investment firms do – and soon I had a huge number of students. By now my podcasts have become internationally famous as a Forex educational platform.

Yet each podcast is about 45 minutes long and taking my complete course takes more time and costs far more than many people who want to trade currency successfully can manage.
I decided the answer was to create a create a concise and inexpensive course that would contain the essence of everything I know about Pivot Point Trading and would allow a great number of people who want to learn the system to do so in a remarkably convenient and affordable way.
Let me tell you more about the course, and I think you’ll realize it’s the perfect way for you to learn successful Forex Trading – and, in fact, be ready to start trading with all the skills you need to amass wealth with the same high probability of success as banks and investment firms. 
I created the course so it’s ideal for anyone who’s new to foreign exchange trading and who needs professional training and for experienced Forex traders who have not yet discovered Pivot Point Trading.

First, let me give you an overview of the course, so you know the invaluable wealth-building trading techniques you’ll learn.

You’ll learn all of the following – in just a few hours!
  •  What a Pivot Point is and how to calculate it
  •  The three levels of resistance above it, the three levels of support below it and how to calculate them
  •  What to look for in the market BEFORE you get into a trade 
  •  How to calculate Pivot Points and range bound markets 
  •  Using market sentiment to help you trade more successfully 
During the course I’ll provide a variety of authentic trading examples and analyze them so you can see exactly how to trade Pivot Points in live market conditions.

At the end of the course, I’ll also provide even more examples .

Plus, I’ll include my Pivot Point Indicator, so you can use it to help you trade Pivot Points successfully yourself!
 Lesson 1: Introduction to Pivot Points and the Forex Market
You’ll learn that the pivot point and associated support and resistance levels are calculated by using the previous trading session’s open, high, low, and close. 

Since Forex is a 24-hour market, most Forex traders use the New York closing time of 4 PM EST as the previous day’s close.
 Lesson 2: Calculating Pivot Points and Rangebound Markets
I’ll show you the easy formula for calculating all 7 of the tracking lines – the Pivot Point, the 3 resistance levels above it, and the three support levels below it.
 Lesson 3: Breakouts
You’ll watch as I explain the setup and breakout of a Forex trade I showed you a graph of earlier that rocketed beyond all three resistance levels and was extraordinarily profitable.
 Lesson 4: Market Sentiment and Review
I’ll explain how market sentiments are used by various kinds of currency traders:
  • By all Forex traders to objectively determine potential support and resistance areas.
  •  By range, breakout, and trend traders B range-bound Forex traders to enter a buy order near identified levels of support and enter sell orders when the pair nears resistance  
  •  By breakout Forex traders to identity key levels that need to be broken for a move to qualify as a strong momentum move 
  •  By trend Forex traders to help determine the bullishness or bearishness of a currency pair 
  •  By all professional Forex traders to identify areas of confluence for the best trade setups. 
  •  Here’s a profitable short I made based on Pivot Point Trading, with the confluence of market sentiment. 
Here’s a profitable short I made based on Pivot Point Trading, with the confluence of market sentiment.
Now, let me cover the specific content you’ll learn with my concise course.
Course Highlights include
1. Candlestick & Chart Patterns
2. Technical Analysis
3. Fundamental Analysis
4. My Most Profitable Trading Strategies
5. Trade Management
6. Equity And Risk Management
7. Media Library With Trade Examples Of Best Trade Setups
I also include two kinds of bonus content that I know you’ll find invaluable.
1. Pivot Point Trade Examples
Three additional Pivot Point Trade Examples And Complete Analysis Of Them. Here’s just one of them – another highly successful short trade. 
2. Pivot Point Indicator
Yours as FREE SOFTWARE that’s easy to install.

 It automatically inserts the daily Pivot Point for the currency pair you’re trading, plus the three levels of resistance above it and the three levels of support below it. 

These indicator lines make it abundantly clear, even for beginners, how to track your trades with professional trading insight, so you can see the signals that tell you when to exit a trade to protect your frequent profits or to limit the occasional loss.

 Let me give you a brief analysis of the trade, so you can see how uniquely valuable Pivot Point Trading is for building wealth consistently and reliably.

 Notice how the Pivot Point, indicated by the green line, is bracketed by red resistance levels above it (only the first one is shown here) and 3 blue support levels below it.

 Now see how the price rose toward the first resistance level, indicated as SL, but then stalled, which revealed weakness. Then you can easily see that it began to lose what strength it had, which is when I selected my Entry point.

 Then see how it dropped past the green Pivot Point and continued to plunge past the first and the second blue support points, indicating a strong bearish sentiment in the market, only to pause just above the third support level.

 Now, you can see how it’s struggling to rise again and, just when it reaches the second support level, I knew to exit the trade.

 And once you take my concise course, you’ll know how to use Pivot Point Trading as insightfully and successfully as I do! Imagine how much wealth you can build – and the freedom and independence you can enjoy!

Listen to more of what my previous students have said...

“Raman is a great teacher, trader and great person in general, I have been following her for a long time and she is the only online trading teacher that I trust” – Steve C

“I have had a ton of success using her pivot point strategy I think Raman is the best teacher and her course is so easy to follow.” – Cherie L

“This course is truly amazing. I can’t believe how easy it was to learn and start trading, I thought it would have to be complicated but Raman makes things simple. And at this price it is an absolute steal. I have made 10 times the amount I paid for the course.”
– Stacy P
Buy it today!  Regular price, Just  $97. 
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Still not convinced my course is the perfect way for you to learn expert Forex trading – at a price that makes it a really astonishing bargain?

Let me tell you more about my journey to successful full-time Forex trading.

I left the financial institution where I was a top Forex trader and became an independent trader because I wanted to create flexibility and financial freedom that would allow me to spend more time with my husband and two children.

Professionally, I’m a currency trader and trading teacher. Personally, I’m a wife and mother with two beautiful children.

Let me give you a little more background about myself.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I started my own IT consulting company. It took me a few years to make it profitable, and I had the company for about 10 years.

Even though I had employees who could deal with emergencies, like a company’s entire server going down, my clients usually wanted me to supervise the solution. I had to keep long hours to meet their demands, and my husband and I were trying to start a family.

I wondered if trading might offer another way for me to make a living. I knew about trading and had a hunch I’d be good at it. So I decided to take some courses and workshops.

When I felt I was ready to begin trading, I opened my first account. All I had to do it with was $500. But I quickly realized that I was right. I did seem to have a special talent for trading, because I quickly turned the $500 into $2,000 and then into $7,000.

I decided to try full-time trading, and, even to my own surprise, in just four months I was able to grow my trading account to $25,000 and in just two more months into $100,000.

There was only one difficulty. I was sleeping with a laptop beside my bed. Obviously, trading had taken over my personal life, and I didn’t yet know how to manage it so it would enable my freedom, instead of take it away from me.

So I decided to go to work for TD Bank. I began as the IT manager, in charge of the UNIX servers. My team was responsible for about 10,000 servers. I did it for a while, but then I took time off to get my MBA.

When I returned to TD Bank, I got into mergers and acquisitions. The work was stimulating but I was still trading on the side, and I decided I wanted to do it at the bank.

It was the experience of being in the currency trading room of TD Bank that taught me Pivot Point Trading and how banks and investment companies use it to build wealth with remarkably reliability.

But once again I was working full-time and spending too much time away from my young family. So I decided to take what I had learned and become an independent Forex trader. Only now I was determined to manage it, so I could enjoy my personal life, too!

I continued to be highly successful at trading, but I’m a social person and I found it isolating.

I had always loved teaching, and realized I knew something about currency trading that was in none of the courses! I also knew it would be making an invaluable contribution by showing my students how to do truly professional Forex trading.

I discovered the combination of independent currency trading and teaching was the perfect combination for me. I was trading successfully and enjoying the independence it enabled, but I was also able to stay connected through my students.

My children love that I can pick them up from school and take them to events they need to attend. If they’re sick, I can stay home and take care of them.

In other words, trading full time, along with teaching, gives me the flexibility in my schedule to take time off or do things that I want to do at the same time I stay socially connected.

I would like very much to teach you how to do professional Forex trading, so you can build wealthy and enjoy independence, too!

Now, let me tell you a little more about my trading style and my teaching method.

I consider myself a technical trader. But I’ve learned when looking at the markets, I know I need to understand what's going on around me. It’s the same with sports. Besides playing your own position, we have to understand what the other players are doing.  

So I make my trading decisions based on the kind of technical analysis I’ll teach you in my concise course, but I also make them based on what's going on in the market. I combine microeconomics precision with macroeconomic vision.

As a teacher, I can take complex concepts and break them down, so I can explain them to my students in ways that make it easy for them to understand and implement.

I really enjoy explaining trading concepts and seeing my students succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Teaching them has turned out to be a wonderful way for me to make a contribution to others – and it’s why I decided that, with a concise and inexpensive course, I could make the same kind of valuable contribution to the lives of many other people.

Is my concise course in Forex Pivot Point Trading for you?

My ideal client is a person who wants to learn professional Forex trading and enjoy the wealth and independence that can come with knowing how to do it with remarkable success. You can be a beginning trader or an experienced trader.

All you need is a desire to learn professional Forex trading and make the wealth-building benefits the foundation of a new life for yourself.

If you want to become a hugely successful full-time Forex trader, I promise you that the course I’ve created is the one you’ve been searching for.

And you’ll avoid getting sidetracked by the many systems out there that are simply incorrect.

My concise course in will open the door to the exclusive world of Forex trading the way the banks and investment institutions do it.

As far as I know, a course in truly professional currency trading has never before been available to people outside of the trading rooms of banks and other financial institutions that trade currencies.

It’s true! I’ve created the first short course that breaks down the barriers that have kept this reliable method of building wealth a closely guarded secret.

Now, you don’t have to feel the banks and other investment companies must know something about currency trading that you don’t – or how could they be so consistently successful!

The way they do is now available to you. I hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn it.

I enjoy trading currency expertly and building wealth reliably. I know you will, too.

After you learn the basics, you may also want to join the audience for my popular podcasts on professional Forex trading. You’ll be an informed participant, and you’ll be able to polish you trading skills along with my many other students.

I invite you to get started now on your journey to professional currency trading and the individual wealth and independence I enjoy – and know you can, too!


Raman Gill
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“Trading With Venus has been rewarding, eye-opening and filled with actionable knowledge and real-world, real-time, hands-on training. Venus’s ability to recognize market sentiment and overall market trends better equips me to understand and discipline myself to stay out of the markets when volatility is not conducive to profitable trading. Venus's ability to change strategies, when the need arises, has positioned me to understand that often times a change in strategy is good prospectively, in recognizing what sometimes is obvious in the markets and not executed. I am happy and honored to be involved with Venus in The Groups pursuits of bottom-line profitability in the marketplace.” – Kevin Smith.

Just $39!
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