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What Is Inside this Brand New Trading Signals Service! 
Highly Profitable Signals Based on the Strike Trader Elite Strategy
This system has been tested for many years by professional traders that have been trading for 30+ years. You will see how to get easy and stable profit, without all the Risk!
Multiple Trade Styles Welcome
This system was mainly designed for Forex Traders. You will get real-time alerts everyday the market is open based on our unique strategy!
Introducing the Strike Trader Elite Signal Service!
You've Never Seen A Signal Service Like This Before!
Strike Trader Elite Strategy is the NEWEST Winning System Tradingstrategyguides.com has built. It has a backdated testing log, proven results, professionally built, and a winning team backing it!
We Solved One of the Biggest Problems Sidelining Traders Today... 
Most traders all around the world have one common problem. 

They have real jobs and are very busy with work which means their time is limited!

The majority of the time a hard working trader is doing his job (at work), he is not in front of his trading station looking for trades and missing out on big opportunities.

Like this USDCAD Trade:
Imagine getting this entry (Teal Line) alert on your phone bright and early in the morning. 

You take the trade and by 5PM, near the end of your shift, you get this trading update alerts on your phone and see it hit the Take Profit!

That is just one of literally thousands of examples of the benefits of trading on the go.

The power of trading on the go is the next generation of trading profitably. 
The "Ah Ha" Moment When Our Team Discovered That Trading On-The-Go Is the NEXT Generation of Trading
As traders, we always want to be on top of all our trades.

But when you have little to no time, that could be a big challenge.

Which is where our "ah ha" moment came when we realized just how dedicated traders can be even when they have little time to trade.

Our team at Trading Strategy Guides travels all around the globe meeting traders and entrepreneurs and seeing what they want, and most importantly, what they need to succeed in their trading...

On one of our most recent business trips, we landed at the airport at our destination and requested an Uber (just like we always do).

For those of you who don't know what an Uber is, this is essentially the next generation of Taxi's. You request a ride, they come pick you up, and drop you off at your requested destination.

Our Uber driver, let's call him James, pulls up and grabs our luggage, we get in the car, and off we go.

What we didn't know, at first, was that James was actually a part time trader! At one point, he opened up a chart on his smartphone and started fumbling around trying to do his analysis on his phone while we were stuck in traffic! 

Disclaimer: This not recommended BTW! 😎 

He had no change at getting a proper signal, however, because his system was not set up for mobile.

This moment was huge for us.

It got us thinking how we could help someone like James who does not have much time at work, but still wants to trade and make consistent returns.

Fortunately for us, we have many different indicators and profitable strategies that we have been developing and perfecting over the last few years. 

So all we needed to do was automate a strategy and add it to a platform that will not only shootout real time trading signal on Desktop but also Tablets, Phones, TV's, and even Smart Watches!

It was a big challenge to take on, but our Software Engineering team got to work and developed what we think is the best on-the-go trading system in the world!
The Best On-The-Go Trading Signal Service In the World? Here is Why...
This is a bold claim, but we wanted to show you why we say this.

Take a look:
This is a quick snap shot as to what you can expect to see in this Strike Trader Elite Signals Group.

The signals will trigger in real time and are running at a private location 24/7 so you will never miss a signal again!

The signals will consist of six different elements:
  •  Symbol The pair the signal Triggered on
  •  Time Frame: The time frame the signal appeared
  •  Signal - Buy, Sell, Buy Entry Order Triggered, Sell Entry Order Triggered 
  •  Entry Price: The price you will take the trade 
  • Stop Loss: The price you set your stop loss**
  •  Take Profit: The price you will set your Take Profit**
**There are multiple Take Profit levels and Stop Loss levels. Once the First TP is hit, you can adjust SL #1 and TP #1 to the new prices that get triggered. We leave this up to you to decided if you want to stay in the trade or add to it! All signals are valid until our Pulse indicator reverses or the new SL levels are triggered which you will see in the Signals channel.
For every signal you also get a chart image!
The reason we provide a chart Image is for those who would like to do a last minute validation before entering the trade.

Most price action traders can scan a chart quickly and come up with a logical conclusion in the matter of seconds.

We think that providing a chart image it will help those that are more of a visual trader and scan price action before entering trades.
How You Will Get Notified Immediately On Any Device, and NO We Wont Clog Your Email Inbox!
One of the main question we always get when we develop systems are, how can I get notified of the trade?

Now we don't know about you but, on average, we get over 100 emails per day. 

In fact, there are projections that estimate that there will be close to 300 Billion (with a B) emails sent out this year.

So for us, to send alerts to your email inbox (9 times out of 10) you probably will miss them!
Because of that, we are going against the grain and paving a new way you get trading signals and alerts.

Since this entire system is built around this primary component, we got you covered on every MAJOR device you use on a daily basis!

First, we will start out with Desktop Alerts:
 #1 Desktop/Tablet Alerts
You will get desktop alerts that would pop up at the bottom right portion of your screen.

This is a huge help because you really cannot miss them.

The advantage of this is that you can go about your business on the web until you hear (or see) an alert pop up.

No need to continue to monitor your email inbox, everything will be conveniently in front of you.
 #2 Mobile Phone Alerts
Away from your desktop or laptop computer? 

No Problem! Get all the alerts on your Smartphone!

Don't be like James and fiddle around with useless software hoping to get the right signals and analysis in the middle of traffic.

Our signals will come directly to your smartphone immediately with clear instructions and levels.

All you need to do is take the trade 😊
 #1 Smart Watch Alerts
So this part is really cool...

Do you own a Smartwatch?

Our trading signals can be setup so that you will get them on your Watch!

If you would have said that 20 years ago, someone would have thought you were crazy! 😜

But due to technology, we are now able to set this up and send them to your smartwatch instantly!
For Something Like This It Has to Cost Me a Fortune For Access, Right?
If we could make every tool and system we develop for Free, we would do that in a heartbeat, and we hope you know that!

Our mission has always been to provide the best trading content, system, and strategies you can find on the web.

And the feedback we get is astonishing!
And we thank you guys for that because you are the reason why we do this everyday!

This project was very challenging to take on and required many man hours to develop this entire system.

So, simply put, your average Joe would never be able to set up something like this without all of the proper resources.

For us to continue to run this system we will need the adequate amount of funding to keep this system running 24/7. 

Our team got together and decided what the most fair and honest price could be.

We decided that instead of offering a huge up front charge, or making you pay hundreds of dollars a month (which would be 100% worth it) we decided to offer our lowest price ever at a reasonable price of:
This should help cover any developmental costs and new updates moving forward!

We hope that is will be affordable to just about every trader out there.

And, may we add, if you are in a position that $9.99/month is just too much, we strongly recommend you do not trade at all and wait to be in a better position!
A Little More Information About the Signals...
The signals are all based on our Strike Trader Elite System that we developed.

This strategy mainly focuses on quick upward and downward momentum spikes on several main currency pairs like:
We will constantly update the pairs and notify you when we do this!

You can expect to see signals mainly on lower time frames like M15 and M3o since that is what the strategy was mainly built around, but we also wanted to share some of our higher time frame signals like the H1 and H4 time charts you will see a good mixture of both!

Here is a general outline of how the signals perform based on our own testing: 
The Strike Trader Elite system works in three different modes.

The scalping mode, the day trading mode, and the swing trading mode.

All HIGHLY accurate and ALL will make you money. 😉

These three modes cover EVERY traders trading style. 

Our goal is to constantly improve these signals and make them as accurate as we can!

We will have a dedicated team constantly testing and improving the performance.
Here is Everything You Get Today In This Special Strike Trader Elite Signals Offer!
 #1 Strike Trader Elite Private Signals Group - Value $1497/yr
You will be invited to join our private Signals Channel on Telegram!

This is where all of the signals will appear and post immediately.

You can expect anywhere from 10-30* signals per day! The market will ultimately decide this number with is why is varies so much.

The value we think is somewhere around $1497 per year. We calculated many things into that but it ultimately comes down to the value of the signals.

Just taking one signal like this:
Would cover the cost of this system for an entire year! 
 #2 Strike Trader Elite Boot Camp Training - Value $497
Since you will be taking the Strike Trader Elite Strategy Signals, we thought it would be a great idea to give you the videos we made explaining how the strategy works.

The videos will cover: 

  •  Efficient money management methods 
  •  Position sizing and proper leverage for FX 
  •  Scalping & Swing Trading differences - the benefits of both styles
  •  Smart trade entry methods for Scalping and Swing trading
  •  How to trade "News Release" events with precision 
  •  Advanced "in-trade" management for maximum profits 
  •  Support & Resistance levels and tracking 
  •  Developing key habits through "process based psychology" for successful trading
 #3 Strike Trader Elite PDF Strategy Guide - Value $97
If the videos aren't enough we are also throwing in our Strike Trader Elite Strategy Guide! 

The guide explains exactly how to trade the strategy based on the indicator. 

Access to the Strike Trader Elite Indicator is not included with this package, but for you to know exactly how it works would be very important. 

 #4 Rapid Support System - Value $297
Our team will be standing by 24/7 to assist you with any questions about this system and signals.

Unlike other services, we will actually get back to our members and answer any question about the system.

We spend a ton of time and resources with our support team.

That way, any questions you ask, we can answer this for you within 24 hours!
 Special Bonus : Unlimited Upgrades
The Strike Trader Elite System comes with unlimited updates. For as long as you are a strike signals member, you will enjoy all of the future updates that we will perform on this system.

If you add up everything you will receive today you get a huge value!
>> MEGA value of $2,388 <<
But you obviously will not pay this but instead a small monthly fee of just $9.99/month!

If you wish to get access today, please click the button below right now!
Low Cost of $9.99/month
Strike Trader Elite Signal Service System is for all traders willing to find a winning system..

But there still people out there this offer is not for.
 This Offer is not for you if:
  • You have no real desire to become a successful trader 
  • You are a trader who needs to have 10 different indicators running at a time.
  • You want to try something for a day and give up without asking for help.
  •  You have all the time in the world to trade every day
  •  This is not for people looking for a get rich quick scheme. Yes you can get rich quickly using these techniques but it wont be overnight and it will require effort and discipline on your part. 
Now This Offer is for you if:
  •  This is for anyone that really wants to find a way to make a good living from the comforts of your home.
  • This is for people that already trade, its great for current traders. No matter if you are a good trader or a bad trader this will make you a great trader.  
  •  This is for people that have never traded but want to, all you need is a computer and internet connection to get started. 
  •  For anyone with a busy schedule, because the system will alert you of every possible trade entry.
  •  This is for people that want to learn a system that doesn't require hours and hours sitting in front of a trading screen all day. You can do this by trading 2 hours a day or less.
  •  You want to Effortlessly make trades and watch them go for huge winners while keeping your risk small.
  •  This is for You if full time job or a busy schedule
  •  If you want to take your trading to the next level 
This is our Rock Solid 30-days after purchase money back guarantee
If during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the Strike Trader Elite Signals System and you don't think it's great- you don't like the way it looks- you don't think performs as good as we are saying, just send it back to us and we will give you your money back! If you do not see the desired results you were looking for then we will honor your refund! 
So here is what you should do next...
Tap on the button below to secure this offer Now. 
There is no guarantee that this price will stay this low! 

Thank You for your interest in the Strike Trader Elite Signals System! 

To Your Success, 
Trading Strategy Guides
Frequently Asked Questions...
How to I get access?
Once you sign up you will get all of the login requirement necessary to join the signals group via Telegram.
Is this a One time or Monthly?
Our plans are all billed monthly. You may cancel any time. Once you cancel you will immediately lose access to this signals group.
Are the Signals only Forex?
Most of the signals will be Forex Pairs. The system was designed for this. We will offer Cryptocurrencies, and occasional Stock Signals, when available.
What time frames are the signals?
The signals are going to vary from M15 time chart all the way up to D1 time chart.
What trading Platforms?
You can use whatever platform you wish! We simply are sharing trade ideas via a signals group. You still need to be the one to take the trades.
If I don't like it can I get a refund?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee the first thirty days after purchase. After 30 days you will be billed an additional payment. At this time the refund period will be expired, but you can cancel your subscription.
Does this indicator only show buy signals?
Nope, it will show you both buy and sell signals. It is perfect for the trending market.
Do I need a Telegram account to get the signals?
Yes. We will show you how to sign up for an account if you have never done so before.
Do I need a Mobile Smart Phone to get the alerts?
It is highly recommended that you have a smart phone. You still can get alerts on desktop, but having a smart phone will make it easy to get alerts on all of your most popular devices you use while you are away.
Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.