It is time to take your mACD game to the next level... introducing the new savvy MACD dashboard - a Brand new trading tool created by the best Trading software developers in the business
You may be thinking right now...

"Oh look...Another tool to distract me from trading the markets, right?

Let me guess... your incredible explosive new software will make me increase my trading success by 50,434% in just three hours of trading? 

Oh wait...No, it will give me 99.8% win rate and will cure all of my trading problems the second I invest today?"

Let's chat for a second...

Listen, when we founded a few years back, we had no idea just how much of an impact we were going to make with traders all over the world.

Since then, we have added:
  • 200+ Trading Strategies
  • 30+ Trading Indicators
  • ​10+ Trading Tools
  • Hundreds of hours of training material
  • ​6 Trading Professionals trading Forex, Stocks, Options, and Cryptocurrency
  • ​200,000+ Traders interested in our trading material
  • ​and so much more...!

The most important accomplishment, in our eyes during this time period, was that we have been able to help out thousands of traders find a trading strategy that works for them.

But ALSO in that time period we realized a trend... a bad trend...

All these marketing gimmicks that you see all over the web are only doing more harm then good for traders.

As a result, traders like you immediately become skeptical of any new type of software that gets created because... 

A. It gets pushed down their throat with 20 emails per day and 
B. They get told a bunch of lies and false numbers and bank statement resulting in immediate frustration when you find out its all bogus.   

Our mission has always been one thing and one thing only...
"To Provide the Best Trading Education and Trading Strategies In the World. "
Whether you choose to invest in this product that we created or not, that does not matter to us.

What matters to us is that you will find a system, a tool, or a strategy, that works for you.

Every traders on this planet is different. So why would there only be one way to trade?

There isn't..

This quote my Michal Marcus sums it up perfectly...
“Every trader has strengths and weakness. Some are good holders of winners, but may hold their losers a little too long. Others may cut their winners a little short, but are quick to take their losses. As long as you stick to your own style, you get the good and bad in your own approach.”
All traders are unique in their own way.

We thought we should give you a little information about us because this dashboard that we are about to show you is a tool we created because there was a huge void for MACD traders. 

Since we are an online trading educational company, we build things that fill those voids.

Since we found out that a HUGE percentage of traders use MACD in some way or another in their trading, this tool could help the majority of those traders get the most out of the MACD Indicator. 

This is not meant to be something that will make you a million dollars in 1 day or increase your win percentage to 95%.

Crazy right?

Not really...

It is something that we created that will dramatically help you use the MACD indicator in your trading and you will see exactly why below.
Savvy MACD Dashboard: scan every symbol in just seconds!
Let's get right into with one of our favorite features of our Savvy MACD Dashboard, which is, scan every SINGLE symbol that your broker allows you to trade for MACD trade setups.
That's right, you are looking at EVERY single symbol in the market watch. 

In the illustration above, this is a snapshot of our Meta Trader 4 platform with the Savvy MACD Dashboard installed.
The goal of this dashboard is allow you to use the MACD indicator at MAX capacity.

For example, say you wanted to see information on the MACD Indicator on USDJPY H1.

The old way of doing it was this:

Click on the drop down menu, find this pair, add your template, your MACD indicator, your alerts (not even available on a standard MACD), your notifications (not even available on a standard MACD), changing bars to candles, clicking on what time frame, zooming in to the proper placement and adjusting your scroll bar...

The NEW way of doing that with our SAVVY MACD Dashboard is this: 

Add the Savvy MACD dashboard to Meta Trader and CLICK on USDJPY. 


And if you set up the alerts, you will have all the alerts you need for the USDJPY Pair 😎

And setting it up the old way is... Long, tedious, and messy.

Setting up the new way is... fast, easy, and more effective

Okay, prove it, you might say...

Well, check out the comparison below to see for yourself: 
❌ Applying MACD on USDPY H4 Without Savvy MACD Dashboard
✅ Applying MACD on USDPY H4 With Savvy MACD Dashboard
As you can see in our comparison above, by using the Savvy MACD Dashboard, we were able to pull up the MACD chart on USDJPY H4 in just around 9 seconds. 

This wasn't even a comparison :) 

Ok so...

You get it... 

The Savvy MACD Dashboard will save you time in the long run loading up a MACD on your chart.

But is that all it will do?


You may be wondering why on earth are all those signals, numbers, and arrows, on the Savvy MACD Dashboard.

Well, that is the next phase of goodies we want to show you.

This stuff we can promise you that you haven't seen anything like is, EVER. 

That is because it is our own proprietary signals that we added in addition to the normal MACD elements you commonly find on a MACD Indicator.

Let's dig into that, shall we?
The 5 MOST IMPORTANT MACD Signals that the savvy mACD dashboard Includes... 
In this section, we will briefly cover what each signal represents on the Savvy MACD Dashboard. 

We're going to talk about each of these signals and how they all work in conjunction with each other.

Don't freak out if this is too much to take it all at once. 

We provide you with MANY resources once you become a Savyy MACD trader. 😎

The part below is for all those analytical junkies who wants to read and understand some of these "other" signals we implemented into the dashboard.
Here are the basic principles behind each element on the dashboard:

Symbol: The current pair 

TF: The time frame the MACD is reading from

Value: The main MACD line 

Signal: Signal MACD line

: How many bars the last cross occured (nearest cross)

Price: Price distance to the slow EMA (basement of triangle figure)

Dvg: Price and MACD divergence signal

 #1 Value: The main MACD line 
Current MACD value and the direction of further movement is the basic and most valuable signal of the Savvy MACD Dashboard. 

Positive growing MACD means strong uptrend,  negative falling MACD means strong downtrend. 

If MACD is positive but lowers or negative but rises, then we have a reversal of the trend. 

Let’s consider a strong downtrend example: (EURUSD)
Strong downtrend is marked by red down arrow on the Dashboard

If the downtrend is going to reverse, the arrow is up and the color is light-red.

Similarly, for uptrend: deep green up arrow means strong uptrend, if the arrow is down and is of weak-green color, then the trend most likely is going to reverse.

Now let's turn our attention to the signal...
 #2 Signal: Signal MACD line
MACD signal value resembles MACD main value mentioned above, with the only difference that MACD signal line is used instead of main line. 

Lets’ consider the EURUSD example:
As you can see in the EURUSD column on the dashboard, the signal value is lowering, along with the main line (-91 points and -119 points)
Having 2 strong signals for both MACD lines makes us confident about EURUSD falling.

The third element of the dashboard lets us know when there was a recent cross between these two (value and signal line)
 #3 Cross: How many bars the last cross occured (nearest cross)
One of the MAIN signals which tell us about the beginning of the trend is MACD main line crossing a signal line.

If main line crosses signal line upwards, we have an uptrend formation, if it crosses signal line downwards, we have a beginning of the downtrend accordingly. 

Let’s consider an example of recent cross:
As the picture above shows, the main line crossed the signal line only one bar ago.

The closer the cross, the more chances there are to catch the trend. 

For example, EURJPY cross formed 18  bars ago (see the picture above) and it is obviously too late to consider it as a good signal of trend change.

So the important thing to remember here is that the lower the number of bars represented here, the closer the cross occured. This means the formation of the trend may be happening soon (or already happened).
 #4 Price:  Price distance to the slow EMA
Below we see that price broke down below the moving averages on the chart and moved 54.6 pips or 546 points

More often then not, when you see something like this there was a very strong down or up trend.
So, in a nutshell... If you see a big number here (lists in points not pips), odds are that there is a major trend happening.

But what about a trend reversal?

Let’s consider a trend reversal pattern on EURCHF pair which is highlighted below:
As you can see in the picture above, price broke down the blue EMA line on the chart, which was a support line. 

Along with other reversal signals (both MACD lines are lowering, main line crossed signal line) this signal is ripe for a good trend reversal.
 #5 DVG:  Price and MACD divergence signal
This divergence flag on the dashboard appears when MACD forms max higher than previous max or min lower than previous min along with the price going in opposite direction

Here is a snapshot of what bullish divergence will look like on the chart:
On the contrary, here is a snapshot of bearish divergence will look like on the chart:
With multiple signals available, PLUS having a divergence detector built it, this dashboard with all its features works like a charm, no matter the time frame!

If some of the above options you wish not to see on the dashboard, not a problem!

You can simply turn any of them off in the settings:
Savvy Dashboard Alerts and Notifications 
With all these element firing off all at once, we thought it was essential to add in alert notifications..
Savvy MACD Dashboard indicator can notify you (via alerts or push notifications to your smartphone) about next events: 
  • MACD crossed a zero line
  • Signal line crossed main MACD line
  • ​Price broke the slow EMA
These, by far, with the most useful alerts for this type of dashboard.

Just think...

You are going to be able to scan EVERY currency pair that your broker allows, and could get REAL TIME alerts on any type of MACD movement that is currently happening.

This is not possible with any other tool but the Savvy MACD Dashboard.

Speaking of MACD features that are just not possible anywhere else but on the SAVVY MACD Dashboard, lets talk about those cool little mini charts...
MACD MINI Charts in seconds!
If you want to quickly see a mini chart of the MACD indicator on the chart, no problem!

Our mini chart feature works by simply clicking on the pair you wish to see the mini chart.
And to take it a step further...

If you want to expand the mini chart to a full sized chart in seconds, with the Savvy MACD indicator attached, simply click "chart.."
**Note: The Savvy MACD Indicator is a NEW and IMPROVED version of the standard MACD Indicator. This will come with your Dashboard and is actually available for free here if you have yet to grab it.
Conclusion - how the savvy MACD Dashboard will become your newest go-to tool you Scan before ANY trade...
Like we said earlier, this is not a system we are pitching that will drastically increase your win rate to 99.9% or make you millions overnight, but rather, a tool to help you trade the MACD indicator on Meta Trader.

With this dashboard, you will be able to spot: trend reversal, major trends, new trends, and sideways markets, by interpreting the data you get real-time on the dashboard.

You will learn all about this in our Savvy MACD BEGINNERS COURSE that we are throwing in today with this offer for no extra charge.
The beginners course will cover topics like:
  • SAVVY MACD Setup Procedures 
  • Dashboard tips and tricks that will make you an elite MACD trader
  • ​Setting adjustment guides
  • ​Beginner crash course on using SAVVY MACD INDICATOR + Dashboard
  • ​Alerts and Notification setup process 
  • ​Meta Trader quick tips
  • ​Much more...!
This training will be thorough and informational for anyone who needs help with this software.

Okay, so that should be all you need to know about this dashboard at this time. (we hope)

But if you have more questions we are always willing to answer them by simply emailing our support at

By now, maybe you are still on the fence if you need this tool or not (remember buying trading tools won't make you successful.) 

In fact, we cannot guarantee you will ever make money trading while using this tool..

That is just being honest, and that is what we are all about.

The ONLY thing we can guarantee, is that using this dashboard will INSTANTLY improve your abilities to trade with the MACD Indicator.

Because you are not going to find the information the dashboard gives you all in ONE place anywhere else but here.

So we can confidently say that this will do that for you.

If improving your MACD skills and reducing the time spent messing with the MACD Indicator is your goal, then this is obviously right for you!

Still not sure?

Let's see if you fit into any of these categories:

SAVVY MACD DASHBOARD is right for...
  • Forex Traders (Swing, Day, and even Scalpers)
  • ​Meta Trader Users Looking to Improve their MACD Trading
  • ​Traders looking to cut down time spent finding critical MACD Information
  • ​MACD Enthusiast 
  • ​Beginners Looking To Learn More about the MACD Indicator with their trading
  • Will invest today, never use it, and ask for a refund (sorry, won't happen)
  • ​Someone who does not see the need for trading tools (These are the: "I only use price action..." traders. Good for you! Then you do not need this tool, carry on 😎)
  • No real desire to become a successful trader (no desire to trade with real money now or in the future)
  • Looking for a get rich quick scheme (this isn't it. This is a tool, not a "Holy Grail System")
So if this offer is NOT for you right now, simply close out the page and go back to Facebook where you can go argue with Aunt Jane about politics... 😏 

On a serious note, all those traders that this offer is right for, here is everything we are going to bundle in with this SAVVY MACD Dashboard package for you...
What you get today:
Okay, so lets go through exactly everything you will get today with this Savvy MACD Dashboard.
Savvy MACD Dashboard | Value $997
Well that is obvious...

We give you unlocked FULL access to this tool. No weekly, monthly, yearly, or 5 year plans EVER.

Simply a one-time cost today. 
Savvy MACD Dashboard PDF Manual | Value $97
The SAVVY MACD Dashboard PDF guide is a manual that we put together for you that will show you how to use the dashboard and adjust all of the settings that are provided.
Savvy MACD Indicator | Value $297
The Savvy MACD Indicator comes with the Savvy MACD dashboard package! 

This indicator is fully customizable and is one of the best custom MACD Indicators for Meta Trader.
Savvy MACD Indicator PDF MANUAL | Value $97
This guide will help you use all of the added features that is packed into the SAVVY MACD Indicator.
Savvy MACD Beginner Course | Value $349
The SAVVY MACD Beginner Course will cover anything from how to use the MACD to advanced trade setups that you can find with this tool.

Our team will cover all of this in a video course that you will find in the members area.
Savvy MACD Advanced Email Support | Value $197
We plan on giving you direct line of support right to our developers and team behind this dashboard.

Our goal is always to update and fix any bug that may be found along the way.
Savvy MACD unlimited upgrades | Value $797
You get all of the features we packed into this now, PLUS, you get future upgrades we will add to this system! 

We constantly update or software and will send you the updates when available.
We will send you Members ONLY updates, tips, tricks, and so much more. 

You will be able to get a chance to look behind the curtain and see what MACD traders are up to. This special content will be delivered VIA email and you will automatically be added to this list immediately when you sign up.

TOTAL Value for this package = $3,028

I assume if you are still reading, you are highly interested in this tool.

So let's talk pricing.

We locked in the price of this tool at $997... 


We're not charging that today because we always like to give discounts when we can for all of our members.

So instead of $997, we applied a 50% discount on the order today, which brings it to a low one-time price of $497

This pricing is subject to change any day so to lock in this deal right now, simply proceed to the checkout page by clicking the button below.
If you choose to invest, we would like to give you a warm welcome and please be sure to utilize all of the resources that you will find in the membership area for this tool.

If you do not invest today, not a problem. 

We are happy to help you out any way we can so feel free to message us at with any of your questions!

Talk soon and we will see you on the other side,
P.S. This tool comes with an Access Guarantee. Meaning, once you invest, you will always have access to the tool and will never be subject to additional payment.

P.P.S. Our goal is to make this the best MACD tool of all time. There will be MANY updates, upgrades, and new videos added to this system. You will never have to pay a dime extra for any them!

P.P.P.S If you are skimming, for just a one-time payment of $497, you are getting access to an incredible package that includes, the Savvy MACD Dashboard, Savvy MACD Indicator, Savvy MACD Beginner Course, Savvy MACD Advanced Email Support, Savvy MACD Unlimited Upgrades, and Savvy MACD MEMBERS ONLY EMAIL LIST. To get all of this right now, simply click the button below to process your order today.
Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.