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This is not for everyone (please read in full before joining)
Hello, My name is Casey Stubbs.
I want to show you step-by-step how to earn revenue through trading.

You have never seen anything like this before and probably never will again.
My goal is to turn YOU into the best-of-the-best trader
in the shortest possible time.
If you want to become a great trader, you really need to read this in-full. 

This is the only program like this available today.

There are several things we do that make this totally different than anything else you have ever seen before. 

There are 5 reasons why you cannot pass this up, if you want to be successful trading Forex. 

 Five reasons that can guarantee you're successful as a Forex Master Trader

Reason #1 - We have the most successful community 
of Forex traders.

This is the most important part.  You must understand this concept because it is a gamechanger.

We are like a trained Military Unit designed to destroy the markets.

I know most traders are solitary.  They think they can do this by themselves.  And while it's true for some, generally no one can be the best by themselves.

We work together in unity - finding the best trades and communicating about them regularly.  Getting feedback on what we do each step of the way. 

This feedback gets added to your trading arsenal which helps to make you great. 

Let me tell you a personal story.

When I was 16 years old, I played basketball, and during the summer of that year, I moved to a new school.

I had been a good player on a good team.  When I moved, however, I joined a team that was much, much, much better in every area.

It was better coached. 

The players were better skilled.

They even practiced better.

And they were collectively more hungry for success!

And you know what happened?  

When I joined that team, I instantly became a better player too just because I was surrounded by high quality people.  It forced me to up my game.

When you join Forex Master Trader, it does not matter what level you are currently at, you will instantly become a better trader.  

Warning! If you are not a team player, DO NOT join up with us because we only want people who are willing to add value to our already winning team. 

Reason #2 - We have the best selection process to eliminate those that will not carry their weight.

If you don't qualify, you don't get in -- If you don't work to stay in, you can't stay in.  It's that simple.

We have a code of ethics that must be adhered to, if you want to participate in Forex Master Trader.

This is one of my secret weapons; I only allow the best people to join us.  Selection has nothing to do with how much money you have or how much trading experience you have.

It has everything to do with your attitude and work ethic.  We only invite people who are willing to learn and are willing to participate.

You have to be teachable. 

That means that when someone gives you a suggestion, you consider it, and try it out.  You don't just block it out and say, "I'm not listening to that."

By eliminating the people who won't do the work, I get a great number of students who are successful, and that makes the entire Community successful.  

We have the highest success rate of anyone in the industry when it comes to producing successful Forex traders.

I am committed to giving YOU the best chance at being successful with Forex trading.  That is why we are so strict. 

Warning! If you are not willing to join a community like this, please DO NOT sign up!  We will ask you to leave, if you are not a good fit, so do not waste our time or yours.

Reason #3 - Our Strategy and Money Management are the best available anywhere at all. 

Strategy is so important in trading.  We have spent years and years working to fine-tune our entries to give us the highest possible win rate.

We use several elements, but we keep it simple because we know if it works, and we keep it simple, then others will be able to follow it too.

Here is what we do to make our strategy work really well.
#1 we use chart patterns
#2 we use support and resistance
#3 we have great indicators that show timing

When we combine all three factors, it gives us an edge that can’t be beat.

Now, let's take it one step further.

Are you ready to go one step further????

Let's do it!

When you add a great strategy with money management, your trading truly becomes unstoppable.

We focus on keeping our wins small; we get out early, and that allows us to hit some big winners while avoiding drawdowns.

This combination of money management and trading strategy is not taught anywhere else, yet it has produced fantastic results for us.

Take a look at what Paul said about how Forex Master Trader has taken him to the next level.

Now think about Paul’s comment for a minute.

How would it feel to be able to say that you finally got this?

How long have you been struggling?

I recently talked to one of our members who was losing for 8 years, and then finally he joined us and turned his trading around in just 3 short weeks.

Talk about a victory!

Think about what it would mean for you to finally have success.

One of the biggest things would be that feeling of accomplishment.  Success just feels good, doesn't it?

But even more than that, maybe you could retire or take that vacation you have always wanted to take.

I don’t want anyone to get ahead of themselves, but in order to accomplish goals, we have to dream big.

Keep reading, to find out how you can finally be free of the shame of being a losing trader.

Reason #4 - Accountability that will make you squirm 
and make you money.

No one likes to be exposed.  It just plain hurts.  And it's embarrassing.

I was always afraid that people would see my failures.

But here's the thing...when I finally got over my fear and let people look at and speak into what I was doing, I started to improve.

Here is what we do that is special...
We ask you to post your trades.

We ask you to post your results.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

No hiding.

Most people don’t like it, but it is one of the fastest ways to improve.

Think about it for a minute.

If you know people are going to see what you are doing, hopefully, you will make better and more thoughtful decisions.  Makes sense, right?

In theory, posting trades was a great idea, but when we actually tried it out, we were blown away at how well it worked.

We had never seen performance take such a turn.

We saw traders going from losing thousands, to being profitable, in as little as seven days.
Yes, it knocked our socks off!

There is one problem though.

Not everyone is willing to do this.

We call it the “Hot Seat” because it makes people sweat like they are sitting in a sauna.  It works, so we will keep on doing it.

Our mission is to create successful traders, and that is exactly what we are doing.

What about you?  Do you want us to review your performance, so you can conquer your fear and finally make money trading in the markets?

Listen here...we only encourage; we only offer help.  We never talk down to anyone.  Ever!

Because we care about people, we are cheering for them to be successful, and we would never say anything negative about anyone.  We've all been there.

I know what it's like to feel like the dumbest person in the room and be terrified to speak.  It's crazy, but when I stepped out of my comfort zone, with people that I trusted, it changed my life.

Now, the good news is, if you aren't quite ready to step out of your comfort zone and physically "talk" to anyone,  our Forex Master Trader community offers CHAT.  So, you get to talk, without actually talking.  

Are you ready to be held accountable and join the Forex Master Trader Community yet?

Reason #5 - The greatest Master Trader, John Meli, my best student, is at your disposal.

John Meli has been a student of mine for 10 years. 

Now, he is the Master:  The Master Trader in the Forex Master Trader Community.

Early on, John tried everything and lost many trading accounts.  Now, he is a full-time trader who has joined up with me to help create other traders who are as successful as he is. 

We are not afraid of helping people or of people stealing our strategies.

Yes, people will steal.  In fact, we are copied all the time.

Our training is so in-depth, and so personal, that it's impossible to duplicate completely.  Even more than that though we just want to see people succeed.  

This journey was very difficult for us, but we want to help other people make it to the top.

When we talk about scaling our accounts to millions of dollars, it is not an easy process. 

Think of it this way.

Is it easy to scale Mount Everest?  No!

Is it easy to scale your trading account?  No!!! 

But, we are here to be your guides, and take as many people up the mountain as we can. 

John and I are of the same mindset, and we truly want to see you be successful.

John has had such an impact on everyone in the community.  His catch phrase of “Let's Make Money in the Markets” has become our mantra. 

Our community members can't stop talking about how John has helped them. Look at what Jean has to say about John's guidance.

Go ahead and join us and become a Forex Master Trader today.

Introducing: Forex Master Trader - available now!
Master Growth Perk #1: Training Modules (Value $997)
This is all of our training -- all of our Strategies -- everything we do! 

We have a roadmap for success. It's a 30-day training schedule that we give to all of our new members to get them started on their journey.  Here is the break down of the training you will get:
  • How to Use this Community For Success:  How to engage in the community for profit and fun.
  • Entering & Exiting a Trade:  The best techinques for precision trading.
  • Trading Mindset:  How to get your mind right.
  • ​Forex Master Strategy:  The entire Strategy broken down so you can easily follow it.
  • Money Management:  How to take that money and make it grow.
  • ​​New Content Each Month: Beginning with our Prop Trading series on month two!  This is like Netflix for Traders.  We produce great content month in and month out. 

    Master Growth Perk #2: Trading Alerts Training 
    (Value $1,997)

    Live Alerts Every Day. Live Training Everyday.
    I want to take you inside my trading office, so you can see everything I do on a daily basis.

    First thing you get is my daily trading room with John! 

    The most important part of learning how to trade with success is seeing it done by a successful mentor.

    I am going to show you exactly how I identify trends and how I trade with the trends.
    I am going to show you how I find the trend change before other traders.
    I am going to show you how to find entries without risking all of your account.

    This is valued at $1,997.

    People don’t just learn by sitting in a class; they learn by doing something with what they have learned.

    That is why I take a hands-on approach with all of my classes.

    I want you to immediately apply what you learn, so you it will stick with you.
    We are going to conduct a market analysis, and then we will find trades and execute them (live) in the market.

    I am going to teach you to look for market setups.

    The value of that is priceless because you could make any amount of money depending on your lot size.

    In fact, in a trading session I did a couple of years back, I made $1,142.22 in 9 minutes.  Multiply that out and it's over $7,000 an hour.
    So, in a three-hour class, you could potentially make $23,000.

    You will also get my special strategy...

    Master Growth Perk #3: Trading Strategy 
    (Value $3,500)
    This is the "secret sauce" to my program.

    I will share the exact strategy I use to show you how to grow a small account quickly. 

    It is not hard to execute, and I will be guiding you along the way throughout this program.
    Master Growth Perk #4:  Access To Our Coaches 
    (Value $1,997)
    The number one thing that has accelerated my trading career has been asking questions to other successful traders.

    So, after each trading session, we will have a time for questions and answers so that you can take a deep dive into the training and the material that we are going to go over.

    Note: This is really good if you can't attend the training live because you can then write in email questions. 

    The email questions are usually the best because they are well thought out in advance.
    Master Growth Perk #5: Video Recordings 
    I will share the live video recordings each day, so that if you cannot attend in person, you can still keep up with the training!

    You will get unlimited access to these recordings for the duration of your membership.
    Bonus #1 Savvy MACD Indicator ($297 Value)
    This software is exclusively for Meta Trader 4!

    It scans the Forex market for tradable levels and then it shows places to enter and exit a trade based on the MACD levels.

    Let us repeat that:

    Savvy MACD shows you not just how to trade volatility, but how to maximize your profits while doing so by showing you when to get in and out of a trade at the perfect times.

    This is truly ground-breaking!

    Now, traders like you can take advantage of the high profits that can come with volatility while reducing risk.

    You’ll be able to make trade decisions without stressing.

    You’ll know when to get in and when to get out.

    There will be no more indecision.

    Just follow the recommendations of the software.
    Bonus #2 Epic Trading Tool Manager ($297 Value)
    If You Want toGrow Your Trading Account Consistently You Must Have a Money Management Strategy! 

    There Is Absolutely No Way Around It.

    This is something I learned the hard way, and chances are if you have been trading for any time at all,you’re discovering that truth as well.

    You Have GOT To PracticeGood Money Management. 

    I had no money management strategy when I first started, and here's what happened:

     >> I couldn't manage my trades
     >> I lost B I G!!!
     >> I took the wrong trade size
     >> I managed my trades incorrectly
     >> I had no trading discipline

    So I set out to make sure that never happened again...which is why I created this ultimate money management tool.

    By using this tool...

    You Will Lock In One Of The Following Four Results For Each And Every Trade You Execute: 
     >> Big Winner
     >> Small Winner
     >> Break Even
     >> Small Loser

    Notice What Is Missing?

    Big Loser! With the Epic Trade Manager You Will
    Never Again Have To Worry About Losing Big.

    You also won’t have to worry about doing any math or spending all your time monitoring gains and losses and calculating new risk percentages.

    There Has Never Been An Easier Way To Practice Good Money Management, so that is why I am offering this tool with this package deal!

    Bonus #3 Trading Tracker Spreadsheet ($97 Value)
    Tracking your trades is very important for successful traders.

    I will be sharing my trade tracker that I use when trading the markets.

    Trading Alerts Training ==> Value $1,997

    I will host a Live training with you, to teach you some advanced techniques that I use. I will also open it up to questions for all members, and I will do my best to answer all of them 

    Access To Coaches ==> 
    Value $1,997

    You get all access to me personally. I will be teaching you my strategy and techniques and I really would love to hear from each and everyone to signs up.

     Trading Strategy ==> $3,500

    This is the "meat" of the program. You get all access to the trading strategy that I use to grow my account quickly. You will get an all access pass to this strategy and so much more!

    Video Recordings ==> Value PRICELESS

    I will make sure you get a recording of each session to watch it at a later date. We have busy lives to this will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to watch all of the videos.

    Savvy MACD Indicator ==> Value $297

    Our new software Casey will be using throughout the training!

     Epic Trading Tool Manager   ==> Value $297

    This tool will help you take proper trade sizes for the Meta Trader 4 Platform. By far, the best trade management tool available for Meta Trader users.

    Trade Tracker Sheet ==> 
    Value $97

    Track your trades with confidence! This tracker will help you see your trades.
    TOTAL VALUE OF $9,182
    You could potentially make that much in just one day of trading...even while you are still learning.

    But, don't worry, I am not going to charge that much.  Even though, at $9,182, this is a steal, and I would easily pay that for a class of this caliber.

    I want to make this as affordable as possible, for as many as want to participate.

    I am practically giving it away for only $96.99/month for TOTAL ACCESS to this product.

    That's a savings of $9,085!!!

    Think of it this way...$97 gets you the knowledge you need to live the life you want.

    Freedom to work from home. 
    Not having to spend time at that crummy job that is sucking the life out of you.
    Being able to buy the things you want.
    Spending time with family and loved ones.

    What I am offering you today isn't just an opportunity to learn a skill, it is a chance to change your life.

    You can do it for only $96.99/month.

    Click the big blue button right now!!!
    I know what I would do, if this was presented to me.
    In fact, I have spent thousands of dollars on classes that were not nearly as good as this one.

    So, go ahead and click the button RIGHT NOW to join me and learn how to trade and earn a potential living using these techniques.

    To put this in proper perspective...
    If you think that $97/month is a lot of money, I want you to realize that the average credit hour in a United States university is $594.  That means that one college course is roughly $1,782.  

    So, what I am offering is MUCH LESS than what you would pay for one college course, and yet the information and knowledge you receive from my class could give you the freedom to become a full-time trader or earn extra money for retirement.
    When you put a value on it like that, it honestly seems like a no-brainer!

    Help me reach my goals, while I help you reach your goals.
    And, I only have one goal...which is to make YOU a great trader.

    Not a good trader, but a great trader.

    I am offering you my You will become a Great Trader Guarantee!

    I guarantee that my class will deliver the training you need to become a great trader. 

    I have put everything I have into this training, to ensure that you will learn the secrets of a trading master, and I am confident I have done exactly that.

    While we do guarantee that we provide everything you need to become successful (if you follow the plan!), we do not offer a refund.  You are immediately getting over $9,000 in value content.  And if you follow the plan, it works, so there is no need for a refund.  You will see.

    We will work with you personally until you are a success.  Of course, you can still cancel at any time. 
    What type of person should sign up for this trading course?

    If you are still wondering if this is right for you, this is exactly the right fit...
    • ​If you want to make extra money trading with simple and easy-to-follow techniques.
    • ​If you desire to earn extra money for retirement while still working your job.
    • If your goal is to become a full-time trader.
    • ​If your goal is to earn money. 
    • ​If you have extra time right now to learn something you love.
    • ​If you want to have freedom and more time to control your own schedule. (You can trade in as little as 10 minutes per day or 3 hours per day. You decide!)
    Who This Is NOT For?
    • ​This is not a get rich quick scheme (trading isn't easy; it will take work.)
    • ​This is not for lazy people.
    • This is not for you if you are not willing to put in the discipline to be successful.
    So there you have it, I believe this is the best chance you will ever see to become a successful trader.
    Click the button below to join now.


    Casey Stubbs
    Forex Master Trader