Learn How to Gauge Currency Strength And Become a Forex Master By Finding HUGE Trends Comparing The Strongest and Weakest Currencies - Guaranteed

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This tool we created to gauge currency strength. It is available on the Meta Trader Platform and NOW TELEGRAM! If you need help, we cover everything you need to know inside our unique members area!
Don't Be Held Back By Not Knowing This Critical Information EVERY Forex Trader Needs To Be Successful...
Hi Traders!

We are Trading Strategy Guides, who are a passionate group of traders that have come together to help every type of trader become consistently profitable trading Forex, Stocks, Options, and Cryptocurrencies.
Our entire team has been working hard everyday share tip, tricks, and strategies for all markets you can trade.

Our mission is to develop tools and strategies that are...
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to understand
  •  Profitable
In fact, if any of our trading strategies or systems do not follow any of these "Mega Three" criteria for developing a strategy, we NEVER share it. 

We actually refuse to share useless information that will just hold traders back from success.

Today, we wanted to share with you a tool we developed that every Forex Trader out there could profit from by learning how to compare the strongest and weakest currencies.

It does not matter if you are a scalper, day trader, or swing trader, a currency strength tool is needed for you to find accurate entries.
The Power Of Gauging Currency Strength ACCURATELY and QUICKLY Gives You a Unfair Advantage in the Forex Market!
Having a unfair advantage when trading the markets is what we all dream of as Forex Traders.

Lets face the facts...

We got brokers, banks, governments all trading AGAINST us, not with us.

At any given moment they could drive any currency into the ground with a few trades.

Most of the time if someone has an unfair advantage trading the market, it is usually because they are doing something highly unethical.

Like the pump and dump schemes, ponzi schemes, inside trading, and many other unethical things that horrible people do to make a quick buck off of innocent traders like you.

But what if you could legally have an unfair advantage? Would you do it? 

You could still do just as good (If not better) then all of these scammers in the world that are looking for a quick buck.

Let say, for example, every Forex trader in the world was in a 1000 meter race.

The goal is obviously simple. 

Get to the finish line before anyone else.

The starting pistol fires off and BOOM, we are off to the races.

Almost immediately someone crosses the line and they were not running..

They were not jogging...

They were FLYING!
Can you see how that could be an unfair advantage?

That was completely unfair, maybe even a bit dangerous, but in this race it was 100% legal because there were no rules saying you can't use rockets!

Think of that rocket as our Currency Power Strength Power System. 

There are no rules saying we cannot develop tools like this to help us find success and win at trading the markets by gauging the STRONGEST currency pair vs. the WEAKEST.

That is the type of "advantage" or "head start" you can expect with this simple to use system we created for you!

This illustration may have been a bit silly, but we used this illustration to try to show you just how powerful this tool could be in your trading arsenal.
Why This Tool is a MUST HAVE for Any Forex Trader to Find HUGE WINNERS... 
We know, you may have heard stuff like this before...

"Make a Billion dollars with our XYZ guru system"

"Our XYZ system is 100% win rate. You'll never lose!"

"Give me $5,000 and i'll make you a Million Dollar Trader in 1 minute!!"
Blah blah blah... 

That is all we hear, and that is all you think when trading gurus claim stuff like this.

We all know, trading is not that easy...

You still need to take time mastering your system, however, having the right tools and following the right people could rapidly speed up the time it takes to find a profitable trading system.

Here is why we think this currency power strength system is a MUST HAVE for any serious Forex trader wanting to find success:
  • Currency pairs only move up and down when one currency is stronger (or weaker) then the other.
  • Gauging currency strength on multiple time frames is not just recommended, it is needed!
  •   Find the strongest and weakest currency pairs means that you can capitalize on BIGGEST current moves (200+ pip moves!!)
To be a better Forex trader, you need to know the strength or the weaknesses of the pair that you want to trade.

If you don't know, you could at a severe disadvantage!
How You Can Profit From WEAK VS. STRONG Currencies EVERYTIME 
If you have been following along, we keep saying things like "strong" or "weak" currencies, but what does that actually mean?

Does the USD work out more then another pair so it gets stronger? 💪

As odd as that would be, that is not what is going on. 

You see everyday,

News happens...

Disasters happen..

Tweets happen...

In a world of unpredictable events happening every day, it is hard to keep up with everything.

But with a tool that looks at EVERY currency when it is traded 24/5 you can see when the trends happen and hop in earlier than anyone else!

In a nutshell, all this just refers to how well that particular currency is doing. 

For example, at the time we are writing this, euro is doing very well. 

This is by far the strong currency on the lower time frames.

Take a look at our strength color desk for reference:
The chart tool is set up so you can see each major currency pair and how it compares to all other pair on each time frame.

The green blocks indicate that that currency is very strong on those particular times frames then any other currency.

On the contrary, the red blocks indicate that the pair is weaker then any other currency on that particular time frame.

In the example image above, you see that the pound sterling is very weak indicated by the overall average as dark red box.

So we can conclude that right now EUR is the strongest, whereas, GBP is the weakest.

How easy was that??

So how can you profit from strong and weak currencies?

Well, using another illustration, have you ever arm wrestled someone before?

Take a look at this image:
Clearly, one guy is way strong then the other guy. So its quite obvious what is going to happen. He will dominate this skinny guy in the matter of seconds.

Same with currency pairs. 

In our example above we saw EUR was STRONGER the GBP so in this case you would want to BUY EURGBP pair. 

The reason? Take a look at this:
Since are you looking to buy the Euro and sell the Pound Sterling, you will want to make sure the base currency is the Euro and the Quote currency is the Pound Sterling.

Just remember not to switch the two up! 

The currency on the left is ALWAYS the pair you want to BUY. The currency on the right ALWAYS the one you SELLING.

Once you use proper risk management (setting a stop loss so that you do not risk more than 3% of your account) you are all set!

Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is that simple with our currency power strength system! 

Our unique algorithms we programmed in behind the scenes are working in real time to constantly be adjusting these currencies to show you how strong or how weak they are. 

There is really no work you have to do besides browsing our tools to find the right pairs to trade.
Our Currency Power Strength System Comes with Three Unique Tools for the Meta Trader 4 Platform.

First up is the Currency Strength Color Heat Map
 Currency Strength Color Desk (Value $1297)
The color desk is the heart of our currency power strength system. As default, we show you the top 8 major currency pairs and how they compare the to rest of the field.

If you click on any of the boxes related to that currency it will bring up a strength details page so you can see all little more details about this currency.

Here is an example of how it works:
Inside the members area PDF guide, that is included for FREE, we will highlight more about what each of these numbers represent.

It has also many other fun colors you can choose from, and also many more settings that you can adjust if you wish!
 Currency Strength (Value $797)
The currency strength tool is for those who want to see information fast on their preferred time frame.

It gives you real-time data in the sub chart section of Meta Trader 4 and shows you exactly what is happening on each specific time frame.

One of the best features about this particular tool is that it shows you what currency was the strongest and weakest at that particular time.

For Example:
CHF (chocolate color) Is clearly the strongest right now on the H1 time chart since it is on top.

NZD ( teal color) Is clearly the weakest currency right now on the H1 time chart since it is on the bottom.

The farther from the middle point the currencies get the stronger (or weaker) they are. This type of information could be VERY important for traders who trade M1-H1 Time Frames.

In our PDF guide, that you will get today, will show you more features we packed into this tool as well!

Here is an example of us going through the different time frames:
Notice how the strength of each currency is a little different on each time frame? 

For example, on the Daily chart the EUR could be bullish or "strong" but, on the minute time chart, it may be "bearish" since no trend just goes straight up.
 Currency Strength Heat Map (Value $997)
The heat map is a great place to see how your currency is stacking up against the rest of the major currency pairs.

Just like the currency strength tool, the heat map changes for each time frame.

In the example below, CHF is the strongest and NZD is the weakest.
If you wish to trade any of these pairs simply click on one of them and click on the mini chart button to pull up a separate chart!

Here is an example of us doing that:
With these three tools, you will know what pair is the strongest on any time frame no matter how crazy the markets get!

We did not want to settle for anything mediocre. What better way to get you on the right track then to give you, not one of these special today, but access to all three for just a LOW one time charge today!  
For only a low ONE-TIME payment here is what you will receive when you invest in this system today:
There are so many other features we could show you, but really, once you invest in this Forex Trading Tool, we will help you out in any way possible in our membership area by showing you exactly how you can trade successfully based on currency strength!

Here is everything you get today for a low-one time cost!
  • ​ Currency Strength Color Desk Indicator (Value $1297)
  • Currency Strength Indicator (Value $797)
  •   Currency Strength Heat Map (Value $997)
  •   Customizable indicator's that Works perfectly on Meta Trader 4
  •   Rapid Support (Value $997/yr)
  •   Members Area Help Videos + Training (Value $497)
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This limited time offer is so good already....

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Additional BONUSES For You!
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Bonus #1 Forex Power Indicator + Forex Power Strategy! (Value $397)
We do offer a basic Forex Power Indicator on our website. We will include access to this indicator plus the strategy at no extra charge! 
This strategy will show you exactly what to do next when you find the best strong vs. weak currency pair to trade!
Bonus #2 Updates! (Unlimited Value!)
We will work with our members and come out with periodic updates! We have updated all of our systems at least once and many of them over 5+ times. We care about our members so once you invest today we will make sure the product is running smooth and also come out with new features! 
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With everything included, PLUS all of these unique bonuses, all of that value adds up to roughly $4,782.
NEW Bonus #5 Currency Change Indicator (Value of $2997)
The currency change indicator allows you to compare each currency in a simple to view sub chart in the Meta Trader platform.

This just gives you even more information to compare each of these currencies in real time!

This works on M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN time charts!

Whatever time frame you want to view, the currency change will give you what you need to properly assess each currency!
NEW Bonus #6 Daily Currency Power Alerts via Telegram!
You get these currency power alerts delivered to you via telegram.

We will alert you when:

✅ Start of Frankfurt Session
✅ Start of London Session
✅ Start of New York Session
✅ Start of Sydney Session
✅ Start of Tokyo Session
✅ Strong Change In Market Conditions

The alert will also tell you the pair that has the most potential for a long or short trade.

This unique alert system is 100% proprietary which cannot be found anywhere else but our private group.

And if you are hesitant when to take a trade based on the information you are provided, not a problem!

We have a perfect strategy for you which we are including..
NEW Bonus #7 Currency Power Strength Strategy - PDF Guide
Need a strategy to use these indicators and alerts?

No problem...

Our Unique strategy will show you exactly how to find consistent entries using these tools that you cannot find anywhere else!

The strategy will tell you exactly what pairs to be looking at and what to do when you get a strong buy or sell signal.

We never recommend you take every trade you see, we will share our strategy we use to spot hug moves like this:
We value this particular system to be worth right around $5,000. Many hours were spent programming this software so for $5,000 this would be a bargain. 

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Since we lowered the price to where we think everyone who is trading could afford this system, please do not click the checkout button if you fall under any of these four things that we mention below:
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This Offer is for Those who...
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So here is what you should do next...

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Thank You for your interest in the Currency Power Strength System!
To Your Success,
P.S.  If you are skimming here is what you get today. You get access to the Currency Strength Tool, Currency Strength Heat Map Tool, Currency Strength Color Desk Tool,  updates, Strategy Vault access, membership help+training, Currency Change, and much more..! 
Disclaimer: Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.