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Since We were in this predicament We did a little test.

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For every $1 dollar we risk, we make $1.4 at a win rate of 86% of the time.

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In those 3 days we made 205 net pips.

We are going to teach this technique to a limited amount of traders who want to earn a living trading.

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We will take you deep into this strategy and by you can even use this trading method with the CTI method or any Trading method you want…
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You also Get: A PDF Guide a hands on skill builder.

After the class we will then take those skills and put them to use in a live market.

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We will show you step by step how to apply everything you just learned.

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So this guide alone hour class could potentially make you $24,000.

Just like this trade we just took for 30 pips.
This guide shows our trend training step by step and strategy on how to implement the training.

This guide will be your manual after the session so you can use it to build your own trading plan and plan your future success.

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The number one thing that has accelerated our trading careers was being around successful traders and asking them questions.

After watching the training session you can ask us questions so that you can take a deep dive into the training and the material that you will be learning.

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Who this is not for?
  •  This is not for you if you are not willing to put in the discipline to be successful.
  •   This is not a get rich quick scheme ( trading isn't easy it will take work) 
  •  This is not for lazy people
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