The NEW Bitcoin Money-Maker Signal Indicator
Discover this new unique trading pattern this powerful tool spots Over And Over Again with precision accuracy. you could double or Triple your account this year with these signals!- Guaranteed 
Hi, we are the Team at Trading Strategy Guides! We are a group of traders who have developed over 50+ trading systems for all market traders around the world...

We want you to be a part of our success. We want you to be able to make money trading any market for consistent profits. We want to help you!

And we may have just cracked the code help you accomplish this goal..
Dear Traders,
Do you have a strong burning desire to have trades go for constant profits day after day. What about doing this with little to no effort on your part? It sounds crazy but wouldn't it be great not having lose sleep or focus on trading all day long?

That would be the ideal scenario for any trader, right? That is what all traders strive for..

This is not often the case for traders though. 

90% of the time traders experience a few of these heartships over the period of their trading career:
  •  Short Term Success: You find success for a short period of time, but then it suddenly stops working and you are left with little to nothing in your account.
  •  Continued Failure: Traders hate admitting when we are wrong, but lets face it you system doesn't work. You continue to try the same thing over and over again, seeking a different result.
  •  Ignorance That Costs: The lack of knowledge cost you big time. Whether it was a scammer, or just a trade gone wrong because you traded with more money than you intended.
Unfortunately, we hear these kind of stories way too often from traders (almost daily) that come to us for help. The sad thing is, it's not your fault completely. 

You just did not find the right team to be working with you... until now.
So in order to help you become a successful trader we wanted to share with you something that is not only different than what you've seen before, but, without question, something can make you money- regardless of what position you are in. This does not discriminate against age, sex, skill, or gender.

We don't care if you are a doctor, a salesman, a janitor, or a nuclear physicist! We care for you, as a person, who is the one in front of this screen reading this.

Our goals as a team has always been to help others. How we help others is by coming out with many different trading strategies, programs, robots, and systems to teach others how to trade any market.

So keep that in mind, because we have a quick story we would like to share with you that changed our perspective for good about trading a certain market..

For many weeks now our team has been analyzing something in our industry that was blowing up big-time. 

But in our mind we initially thought, "It's just buzz, it will die off soon..."

When we sat down and talked about it meeting after meeting, we finally realized that this is not going away and we need to take action fast before someone gets nailed by evil marketers and gurus trying to make a quick dollar...

We actually might even be too late, but we still pushed forward. We did this because if we could just help one trader succeed all the work we put it will be worth it.

We also knew that there are thousands, if not millions, of new traders that need guidance to help the master this particular market. 

The fact that so many of these new traders never knew two things about trading now feel like they are trading geniusis because they watched a documentary about it... read an article.... saw something on their twitter feed... 

You get the point..

They now think they are Trading gurus who know everything!

It is scary to think that some of them are even mortgaging their houses on a single trade..


But there is still hope for these people.

They just need the right teacher.
"Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!.."
One of our TSG  pro trader members said this in one of our meetings..He was right! To be the best you need to learn from the best. We think we are the best in trading educational field because of many things, but here are a few we are really good at:
  •  We believe we are the best in our industry simply on the fact that we are transparent with our strategies and we give out critical details that one may need to achieve success.
  •  We believe that we have content that has been helping traders find almost instant success when they follow our system(s).
  •  We believe that we can help investors once and for all and get them a system that fits the market they are trading!
So with all of that being said, what are we referring to here and how are we going to help you?

What was this madness in our tight trading community that was creating serious buzz?

You see, as you might have already guessed, we are referring to Cryptocurrency,Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple... and so on. 

That's right folks...


Unless you have been living under a rock, by now, you may have heard the overnight success stories and the failures that surrounds this extraordinary market called Cryptocurrency.

It has all the potential in the world to not only become something good, but something great in just a few short years.

You see we are not shy about expressing our opinion about Bitcoin...

We see the potential it has for many investors based on many factors.

You see stories like this teenager who is now a millionaire because of bitcoin:
Erik F. was wise with holding his bitcoin in 2011 and is now a millionaire...

Success like that is what makes this market so lucrative to millions of new traders worldwide!

But not all the hype is actually credible..

In fact,what if I told you that about 71% of what you hear about Bitcoin could actually be untrue?
"Are you Listening to the Wrong people...?"
Could it be that most people just have no idea what this market is or what is stands for?

Let's give you an example..

Check out some comment we got by doing a simple post mentioning Bitcoin on Facebook:
Why is this?

Why are so many people triggered so quickly when they hear the term "Bitcoin"

It could be many things, really, but most of the time it is the lack of research!

In our eyes, as professional traders, all we do is research.

We researched everything from blockchain technology, alt coins, what brokers to trust and the list goes on and on!

We learned over the years what makes it tick and how it works. 

Let us show you something...

Does this chart here:
Look any different at all then these charts below?
This first chart is BTUSD the others are EURUSD, AAPL,  and XAUUSD. 

All Completely different market, but they ALL have something in common.

They are all moved by all of us... The TRADERS. Real live people making trading decisions every day the markets are open.

Bitcoin happens to be very volatile which means that it can move very fast in a short period of time. 

That means you need to take EXTRA caution when you trade this market and have a detailed plan before you get in.

Does that make it fake? A ponzi scheme? A bubble? Absolutely not...

Some are listening to the wrong people and are in the wrong mindset about the crypto market to begin with.

You need to give it a chance, because trading this market could change you! It really can! We are not just blindly saying that because we read a book about. We spent hundreds of hours researching on this very topic!

And what if we told you that we may have cracked the code to crypto trading in those hours of research...

Discovered a pattern that no one  knows about...

We most likely discovered a hidden gem that could take trading crypto to the next level!

We actually were skeptical at first to share this information because we thought it was a fluke since we just kept nailing trade after trade with this system.. 

We kept grabbing major gains right out of the market with this strategy in the matter of minutes!

Let me introduce you to our pattern we called the claw pattern..
This Odd Pattern Could Help You Double, MAYBE TRIPLE, Your Trading Account this year...
In fact, to our knowledge only our team knows what this pattern looks like because we actually are the inventors of this pattern!

It's crazy to think, but 5 years down the road from now every professional market trader might know about this pattern once the word gets out.. 

Once traders start winning trade after trade with this strategy..

It really is a gamechanger.

This pattern is actually the secret behind our new tool that we created for traders. This is the strategy behind it all that makes our tool so profitable.

We didn't know if we should share this or not because it was just ridiculous how good this pattern really is... 

And we did not want to give all our trading secrets out :)

But this is just too good not to share to our fellow traders who are looking to invest in this market...

Its too good just to keep it for ourselves and not share this pattern that we discovered in our research.

It literally acts like a claw and will grab HUGE gains trade after trade, when you follow the system!

But we decided it is time to get this strategy out their to anyone who is serious about trading this market.

Your going to be amazing when you read and watch our video demos about this strategy inside our private members area. Its way ahead of any other system that is out there at this point in time.

Because once you invest in yourself, and get started with this system, you will be grabbing trades out of the market that you never were thought possible!

Which brings up the question, Is there really any rhyme or reason to trading Cryptocurrencies?

Some traders may think that Cryptocurrency is fake and the market is fake. So the markets will move at random then, right?

Nope. There is a hidden claw pattern hiding in every chart.

Let's dive into those charts and have a look...

Look at this chart of BTC/USD
Notice anything out of the ordinary? Looks normal to you?

What about this pattern on this BTC/ USD Chart?
Both had two GREAT claw pattern trade entries that 97% of the crypto traders would have missed out on. These trades could have been big money if you would have managed to get in and out quickly.

This "Claw" type pattern we discovered is NOT random. 

It happens time and time again on each of the time periods that we have tested. 

We developed a system around this pattern and managed to trade them consistently with our software...

So if you would have had a helping hand with spotting these hidden claw patterns you may have nailed these trades.

Have a look:  
Clean and Accurate signals. No repaint of any kind.

Let us now show you a little more about this system because this may be what you have been waiting for to turn your crypto trading portfolio into a monthly money making powerhouse! 
How this software can make me a PRO cryptocurrency trader...
The million dollar question...

How will this system immediately make me a better trader?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer because there is to much to unpack in such a small question!

The honest answer is, we don't know if it will make you a better trader...


Because every trader is different and some will not give enough time to study and work on their skills. 

We know it can and and we know the potential of this system..

But we cannot control your every move and do everything for you.

But for those who will take the time to learn this system and copy our methods, copy our trading techniques, copy or claw pattern strategy for this system.  They will know that they have not only a trusted team backing them but also a tool that will without a doubt guide them to success.

We do know with 100% certainty that the strategy we have tested has worked with cryptocurrencies. Like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Stocks, and even foreign exchange currency pairs!

That is why we have put all our time and resources the last few months to develop this system.

But what if you are new to this or still need time to figure out if Bitcoin is right for you...

Not a problem!

In fact, if that is you, what we want you to do right now is follow this link by clicking here and we will direct you over to the blog where you can read our Beginners Guide to Crypto Trading!

We will give you a little more insight on who to trust and the most common questions people have about cryptocurrencies before you commit 100% to this system.

So by now you have heard about our strategy, you have heard our story behind this strategy, but you still want to see more..

You want to see this strategy in action. After all, you are going to be using this system in your daily trading routines.
Introducing: Bitcoin Signal Indicator- The Revolutionary Pattern Recognition System developed by Professional Traders
The Bitcoin Signal Indicator is a fast and easy-to-use indicator developed for Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, and Tradingview Platform that shows you accurate trade entries based on the claw pattern strategy.

This method is so easy that anyone who wants to start trading the RIGHT way can do and start making money immediately.

This indicator helps you analyze the market on any time frame in the matter of seconds.

So, you don’t need to turn your hair grey by staring at your charts for 14 hours a day.

And the best thing is, you don't need to spend a fortune on purchasing this indicator. You can potentially make everything back that you paid for this indicator in one single trade!

This tool will remove all the stress and complexities out of market movements and enable you to maximize returns in a cost-effective manner...!

A highly effective indicator… without cost and without any grunt work.

For getting all these mind-blowing benefits, you don’t need to mess around with any complicated charts or indicators, tedious installations or technical issues...Our dead simple indicator is available for an unlimited amount of time.

No restrictions, no hidden costs, just a simple one time payment that we only ask for simply because we have thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours poured into this that we need to get back in order to keep us afloat so that we continue to build new systems for traders!
An Inside sneak peek at some of the powerful settings the Bitcoin Signal Indicator offers...
Everyone loves sneak peeks!

So let's check out a few different elements the Bitcoin Signal Indicator offers you when you set this up today on your charting platform.

Note** These options are only available on the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 Verison of the Bitcoin Signal Indicator.

The first option is the Colored Candles!
Much like our #1 best seller, the EFC indicator, this Bitcoin indicator looks relatively similar...

The color options are limitless! We prefer the red/green default option but we know no two traders are alike so we offer this feature to change these colors at any time..

Also, if you prefer no colors on your candles, no problem, you can turn this feature off in the settings.

Next on the list is the trailing stop option...
This is a brand new feature we added to the Bitcoin Signal Indicator..

The way it works is that when you turn this feature on in the settings the indicator will continue to show you where to place you trailing stop loss.

If you don't know what a trailing stop loss is its basically a money management technique to lock in profits.

So that if your trade never reached your target, and it ended up turning against you, you will at least salvaged some of the trade since you locked in the profits. 

The third, and final, unique setting the Bitcoin indicator offers is the different candle drawing modes...
We offer three different variations of drawing modes. 

They are:

1. Candles from high to low
2. Candles from open to close
3. Bricks above/ below the candles

These are all customizable in the settings and, again, if none of these are your prefered setting you can turn this feature off..

So that is some of the main adjustments you can make to the Bitcoin Signal Indicator.

But how exactly do you make money trading with our software?

Well, its a simple three step process..

Here is the quick "How to" guide to get you on with winning side of trading.
The "How to" Quick Guide To Make Your First Winning Trade with our Bitcoin Signal Indicator:
Apply The Bitcoin Signal Software to your Chart
To begin with,install our gorgeous Bitcoin Signal Indicator to the appropriate platform and attach it to your chart 
Customize it as you wish! We allow you to change a good portion of the rules, to tweak this system if you desire.
Enjoy Winning! WARNING you Might get sick of winning :)
Now you just sit back and relax and watch the bitcoin signal indicator work its magic. It will do all the work for you in finding claw patterns. The only thing left for you to do is pull the trigger and make the trade.
That's all it takes...
All the worries are gone. The pressure is off of you and all on us. But this Bitcoin Signal Indicator delivers in a big way so will not be disappointed!
Check out these BONUS features worth over $2,000 that are Included today...
We LOVE adding bonus features for our traders!

These features are always there to take your user experience to the NEXT level with our system..

Because lets face it... Trading can get boring sometimes.

We spice things up a bit and make your charts a hungry beast ready to grab winning trade every second the market is open..

Our design is head and shoulders over any other system because:

We have the best design team 
The best trading team
The best Strategies
And the best product development team on the planet! 

Don't let us tell you see what some of our members have said about us: 
Oh we forgot to mention... We have the BEST group of Members as well :)

Lets see these Bonuses:
Bonus Feature #1: TSG Claw Pattern Multi Signal Dashboard 
We made sure to give you a small but powerful dashboard to show you every single signal on every single time frame!

The TSG Claw dashboard was originally going to be seperate dashboard with a seperate fee and so on and so forth...

But once we thought about how important this dashboard is, we decided that every single Bitcoin Signal Indicator Member will get this included with their purchase today!

This dashboard is fully customizable.

You are able to click on any time frame and it will pull up an mini chart(s):
Very unique dashboard we value at $499. But, its yours free today!
Bonus Feature #2: Immediate Alerts
Once there is a valid signal the indicator will Alert you immediately...
The Alert will consist of:
  •  Buy/ Sell Signal: You will be shown whether there is a valid buy or sell signal for that Time Period
  • Triggered: The alert will show you where the price was triggered and on what time period
  • TP and SL: Built in money management strategy will show you where you should place you stop loss and Take Profit
We all have busy lives and we cannot be staring at our charts all day..

So with that in mind, we added an alert feature. Its very easy to set up and will show you all the information you need to know instantly.

We value these alerts at $299 but, again, yours free today!
Bonus Feature #3: The Strategy + Video Tutorials
You didn't think we would keep our strategy a secret did you? 

We have to give you this strategy because you need to know how to identify these patterns when you are using our Bitcoin Signal Indicator.

Also in the members area you will receive ongoing bonus Video tutorials that will help you learn our system the right way.

We value this strategy + video tutorials at $799 but, of course, yours free today!
Bonus Feature #4: Multi Platform Access
More Platforms coming soon!
Bonus Feature #5: Tradingview Strategy Tester and more!
Our Tradingview version is bigger and better then any of the "Free" plugins you can find on the marketplace.

Its loaded with a strategy tester, and alert system that will trigger to your phone or email immediately!

Take a look at the Tradingview Bitcoin Signal Indicator in action:
Our Tradingview version also allows you to test the strategy! (Something that you have to manually do in Meta Trader)

For example, here is a quick report we pulled the other day:
Not bad! 

You will also be able to adjust all of the settings based on the strategy if you ever want to tweak the rules:
This is very important because you could actually use this bitcoin indicator with any market that tradingview offers!
So not only do you get  access but you are getting the Bitcoin Signal Indicator on these award winning trading platforms!

We highly recommend using all three of these platforms and deciding what platform is best for you! You get access to all of them today, so there is no need to have to purchase a "bonus package" like others try to offer you.

This Bonus access is valued at $1999. But today you get access for free.

And we also wanted to give you a few other Gifts today as well today:
EXTRA Bonus GIFT #1: Trading Guides Report Vault 
Special Strategy Vault Access that includes strategies that trades with RSI indicator, MACD Indicator, Parabolic SAR, Moving Averages, Bollingerbands, Pennant Patterns, Bitcoin, Stocks, Price Action, Options, Forex, ATR, Fractals, Flag Patterns, Pin Pars, Support and Resistance, Triangle Patterns, Short Terms Trading, News Trading, and Much More to come! It's constantly being updated… And you get this… FREE!

EXTRA Bonus GIFT #2: Support Knowledgebase  
We will offer you support! Meaning 5 years from now if you have a question about trading, we will answer it. Do you see just how valuable that could be to have a trading mentor at your fingertips to help you on your trading journey?

This is free and is our favorite bonus simply because we get to interact with you guys!

Our knowledge base is loaded with Q/A’s for traders because we know that most of you may still have questions.
EXTRA Bonus GIFT #3: Members Area Discounts/ Early Access 
Periodically we send out special members only discounts like you see above... 

We value our members which is why we do this for them! We also will give our members exclusive Early access to all of our products before they are launched out to the trading community!
Join An Elite Group of Traders Who Will Get Exclusive Access To This System

Here is a breakdown of everything you will receive today...
Bitcoin Signal Indicator
$ 797
Bonus Feature #1
Claw Pattern Multi Signal Dashboard
Bonus Feature #2
Immediate Alerts
Bonus Feature #3
Strategy/ Video Tutorials
Bonus Feature #4
Multi Platform Access
Extra Limited Time Bonus Offer #1
Report Vault
Extra Limited Time Bonus Offer #2
Support Knowledge-Base 
Extra Limited Time Bonus Offer #3
Members Area Discounts
In total, when we break it down today you are going to be receiving $5,187 in value! But that is not even including all the man hours we have spent on other tasks like testing and fixing bugs! We will NEVER charge that much, however. 

Even though we believe that it is 100% worth it since you can take only one trade and make that entire investment back immediately!

We guarantee when you see the price of this system you will be shocked to hear that we are take we will take over 90% off that cost today.

We also guarantee a few other things that will make this system a no brainer to at least try out!
The Bitcoin Signal Guarantee...
“Our team has worked tirelessly on this system. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!”
Who this offer is Not For...
  • not for the "I lost a trade your signals give me my money back" guy. Please do not bother wasting your time (and ours). We want people to invest long term.
  • not for the "I will charge back because I didn't like it" guy. Ah yes. If you are not fully committed to this then don't invest!
  • not for the "I want 100% accuracy or else" guy.        Indicators are designed to signal a trade idea based on a winning system. This does NOT mean that you will come across a losing streak here and there as the market moves.
  • not for the "Bitcoin is a fraud, hoax, ponzi scheme, ect.." guy. If you think that everything about this system is a fraud right now then please, don't invest :) We don't want to waist your time.
Who this offer IS For...
  •  This offer is for the Trader wants to make a good living trading the markets! This can be done, thousands are professional traders, will you be next?
  • For any one with a BUSY schedule. The system works extremely fast so you do not have to spend a ton of time staring at charts all day long!
  •  You want to Effortlessly make trades. You watch them go for huge winners while keeping your risk small.
  •  For those who need help with trading! We aren't a one hit wonder. Our team is here to help. We have many successful indicators and trading systems that work! If you need help, we are what you have been looking for.
  •  For those tired of falling victim to evil marketers It is sad to see when traders fall victim to evil marketers. We are different from the rest and we take care of our members when they need help!
So we would like to invite you to start using this indicator today. You get access to this entire system for a low-one time cost or the option for just two easy payments.

If you are ready to commit investing yourself, please click this button to get started on your journey to becoming a successful trader!
To be clear, this is going to be a one-time price (or two payments, depending on your payment plan you select). There are no hidden recurring charges or other fees that we have not mentioned.

In fact, we only do this to make up for the cost and time for developing this system! 

But remember, one of the essential elements of this system is that you get access to us.

You ask us anything you need to know about the indicator and we will help you. 

So what that means is that we cannot take an unlimited amount of traders on.

Our team cannot do 16 hour work days because we all have families and lives outside of creating this system and trading.

So we are going to cap it off at 500 traders.

This may expand later once 500 have been taken care of by our highly rated support team, but for now, we want to make sure we can devote our resources so that no trader is left behind.

We know this number will fill up quickly..

And we are not making any promises after 500 because we simply do not know. 

We may have to rethink the low price structure, or just shut this down permanently!

We are just not sure so that is why we wanted to be upfront about our 500 plan so we are all on the same page.

Please do not join if you are not ready. The last thing we want is for you to take a traders spot that was ready but could not get it due to us shutting it down.

Please only commit right now if you are 100% all in! If you are ready to take that next step..

500 spots will go quickly. In fact, We have over 2500+ members at this point who have first crack at this system.

That means that right away there may only be 100 spots available!

We know how popular Cryptocurrency trading is at this point so the 500 cap is generous...

in fact, we get thousands of traders visiting our bitcoin blog articles every day! So 500 is nothing!

We may even have to hire on a full time training staff for just this single indicator.

We really have no idea, which is why once we reach 500 members we will decide what to do moving forward..

The good news is, If you are seeing this page this offer is still available!

You can still get in, but let me tell you, it won't be long before we are sold out.

Orders are constantly flowing in at this point in time...

If you don't commit today you may lose out and never be able to get in. 

Signs ups are going fast so get it today before this offer is shut down!
Now that you know what this system is all about, we hope you will join us today..
Simply use the form below and we will send you over to our members area right away....
**Please Note:
When the 500 spots are filled, we will fire out an email and let everyone know about a waiting list to get on for next time.
Until then, there should be spots open.

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Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
Frequently Asked Questions...
Can I sign Up with A Demo Account?
Yes! In fact we recommend you use a demo to practice. We will give you our recommended brokers and you can decide who to choose.
What if I am already signed up with Fxchoice or Fxopen?
If this is the case then you need to open another account using our links you can find on this page. This should be very easy to do since you have already signed up in the past! Once you do that email us and we will send you the Steady Trend!
Does this indicator only work with Bitcoin?
The Bitcoin Signal indicator does work with other markets. We have tested it on many other markets. The reason we focused on Crypto is that we saw that there is a big need for an indicator to trade crypto. Please do not ask for backtested results,however, as we do not have that information at this time. If you wish you can test the indicator on the 'strategy tester' to see your results.
What time frames work best with the Bitcoin Indicator?
From M30-MN are the time frames we think the bitcoin signal indicator shows the most consistent signals. If you are scalper then make sure you are trading the pullbacks and not consolidation in price action. This is a TRENDING indicator. 
What trading Platforms?
We developed this indicator for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 and Tradingview. At this point we are considering other options.
How much money will I make with this Indicator?
If you are asking this question then you are in the wrong mindset. This is a trending indicator designed to help you identify when the market will continue its upward or downward momentum. 
If I don't like it can I get a refund?
“Our team has worked tirelessly on this system. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!”
Why did you develop this indicator
We developed this indicator because we saw that the market is struggling to know when to trade Cryptocurrency. This has a strategy that we have developed specifically for this market.
Does this indicator only show buy signals?
Nope, it will show you both buy and sell signals. When you see a red arrow that means sell. A green arrow that means buy. You can adjust either of these in the settings.
What about trading alerts?
This current version does have alerts. We are always are updating our indicators so we may consider other alerts as we continue to get feedback.
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Disclaimer - Trading cryptocurrency or any other market on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. The purchase, sale or advice regarding a currency can only be performed by a licensed Broker/Dealer. Neither us, nor our affiliates or associates involved in the production and maintenance of these products or this site, is a registered Broker/Dealer or Investment Advisor in any State or Federally-sanctioned jurisdiction. All purchasers of products referenced at this site are encouraged to consult with a licensed representative of their choice regarding any particular trade or trading strategy. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.Clearly understand this: Information contained in this product are not an invitation to trade any specific investments. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. This document does not take into account your own individual financial and personal circumstances. It is intended for educational purposes only and NOT as individual investment advice. Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional, who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs & circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests & could lead to losses of capital.