Trade the London Session like you've never traded before. The Big Ben Breakout Strategy System will time each trade to perfection so you can trade this session with confidence.

Trade the London Session like you've never traded before. The Big Ben Breakout Strategy System will time each trade to perfection so you can trade this session with confidence.

"Timing. Is. Everything..."


Timing things just right is not only the secret to success in trading but also in life.

And we have great news for you today – your timing on coming to this page couldn’t have been more perfect. That’s because we have just updated this popular indicator!
We added email signal alerts! That means with this new updated version of the Big Ben Indicator … all you have to do is check your email to get the latest winning Forex trades.

 No frustrating trial and error phase where you try to learn how to optimize the software for your trading strategy …

 No missing big profit-producing trades because you are unfamiliar with how to use the software …

 No missing out on huge gains because a signal was identified too late … or losing money because of a false signal …

It doesn’t get any easier than this! You’ll have the signals you need when you need them – perfect timing! 

Now Without Going Too Deep Here, Let's Talk More About
Timing for a Quick Second!

One of the greatest golfers of all time said this once about the importance of timing...

"Timing is everything in life and in golf." -- Arnold Palmer

I know, powerful...

But in all seriousness, it is very true. 

We want to prove the importance of time to you because, by now, you may be wondering what any of this has to do with you or the tool we have.


Think about how you just got here on this page. 

You most likely or not came from an email or from a social media post from our company, Trading Strategy Guides.

Do you think we sent you an email at some random time of the day? 

Or, posted something without paying attention to when the best time of day it would be best for you to see it?

Of course not!

We know roughly when the best time of the day it is for all of our readers to see what we have sent, so we purposely pick that time so more of you can see what we have to offer.

Make sense?

We hope! 

So let us push ahead to what in the world all this has to do with getting our updated Big Ben Breakout Indicator Tool.

So let us push ahead to what in the world all this has to do with getting early access to our new Big Ben Breakout Indicator Tool.

Because that is what you came here for, right? 😉

Our Tool was Inspired by "The Big Ben" Clock in London....

This system is all about trading the start of the London trading session ONLY. 

Most traders refer to this event as the "London Breakout" if you are to trade it at the beginning of the session.

The start of the London session can get volatile extremely fast ...

Which is one of the main reasons this session is one of the most popular trading sessions to trade.

Now you’ll know the best trades to make simply by opening an email thanks to our breakthrough update (more on this in a minute)!
First, more about our indicator – since we are timing our entries at the start of this London session, we thought why not honor one of the most iconic pieces of history in London, the Big Ben, which is apart of the Palace of Westminster. 

For us, the Big Ben is an iconic piece of history that has stood the test of time since it was built in 1859. 

Some interesting facts stood out to us... 

>> Appearances aside, the clock featured on the tower is renowned for its precision and accuracy.

>> Was known to be the most accurate four-faced chiming clock in the world

>> The clock accurately broadcasts the time to local on-lookers, correct to within a single second.

>> The clock tower was hit by German bombings in 1941 but still accurately portrayed the time even after it took minor damage.

Accuracy is Critical...

Being "accurate" was the central theme behind one of the most iconic clocks the world has ever seen.

And for this new Big Ben Breakout Indicator, accuracy and timing MEANS EVERYTHING.

Our mission has always been to develop rock solid trading strategies for our followers.
We think this trading strategy has had the biggest profit potential for so many traders which is why we are putting a ton of time and resources into it and developing an easy-to-use trading system.

One of the BIG advantages of the Big Ben Breakout Strategy is that it follows the "smart money timing method."
It avoids the stop loss hunters (the BIG BANKS)

You can easily find this on your chart as a lot of the time there will be a long "wick" that breaks through the support or resistance and then comes directly back into the zone.

So this is one of the features we implemented into the Big Ben Breakout Indicator.

It is full of other great features like this! In fact, let's get into some of these right now.

The Trading Platforms...

The indicator is available on these two platforms only for early access members.
If you never plan on using these platforms then you will unfortunately not be able use the system unless we add more platforms, which is a possibility down the road.

 See the Power of the New Updated 
Big Ben Breakout Indicator

By now, you are probably wondering how this tool looks...

Well, take a look!

 Live Trade Examples (more to come)


+65 Pip surge after trigger


+48 Pip surge after trigger


+97 Pip surge after sell trigger. Trailing stop loss the entire trade duration.

Remember, we are constantly fine-tuning this indicator so that it enters trades as accurately as possible!
We also show you when both the Asian session and London session are going to start.

Speaking of cool features, this indicator is loaded with them.
Let’s dive in and show you some of the most interesting ones ...

Feature #1: NEW Email Signal Alerts - Optional (Value $588 per Year)

In keeping with our timing theme, you need to be notified of a trade immediately.
We have set up a system so that you receive email alerts when the indicator’s rules have been met and it is time to get in a trade.
Just set up your phone or other mobile device to notify you when you receive the email and you can take action right away – and avoid missing out on big gains!

The alerts contain important information like:

-Entry Price 
-Stop Loss Price
-Take Profit Price 
-Moving Stop Loss Price 

Here are all the settings:

This feature is optional: you can sign up to receive email alerts for $29 per month (that’s a savings of $20 off the regular $49 per month fee) ... or you can choose to not have this feature included with your Big Ben Indicator. 

Feature #2: Full Customization... (Value $197)

We always let you customize your indicator.

We will have many color adjustments and other features you will be able to tweak to your liking!

Feature #3: Smart money entry methods... (Value $597)

We have added three signal entry methods to the indicator...

False breakout at pre-London: This mode strictly follows rules described in the Strategy: it waits for London pre-start time, seeks for  breakouts and generates a signal back to channel as London starts. 

False breakout and trend: This mode uses a signal from the previous mode but additionally filters with a current global trend. The trend is calculated from
the last 2 Asia ranges

Trend only: This mode uses only trend direction and ignores breakouts in London pre-start at all. The logic is very simple: if the trend is up at London start, the signal is Buy. If the trend is down – the signal is Sell

These modes are all there for you to test out and try! We have recommendations to use, but we allow you to adjust any of these, as you wish.

Feature #4: The Big Ben Lounge (Value $247)

You get access to a private lounge where all indicator users can hang out and talk about the system.

The best part about being an early adopter is that your opinions matter and all of your feedback will be considered while we continue to improve this system.

Do you have to comment and make suggestions? No, but you can follow along in the group and see what other traders are saying!

Feature #5: Members Only Quick Start Videos (Value $997)

Our members’ area contains numerous videos on how to best use this system. 

The videos cover everything from how to install the indicator to how to tweak and adjust some of the settings.

NEW Feature #6: Big Ben Dashboard(Value $1497)

This dashboard allows you to scan the entire market in a matter of seconds! It also brings up mini charts that you are able to interact with.
You are also able to set up any notification alerts that you wish!
This is a huge upgrade that we added early on and we will continue to improve this and add new features.

NEW Feature #7: Trade the New York Session Option (Value $497)

If the London session is just too early for you or you just cannot find the time to trade during these hours, no problem!

The strategy also works with the start of the New York session!

So, because of that, we added the option for the indicator to be used during the New York session. 

We call this mode the Liberty Breakout ...

Which means that you are basically getting two indicators in one!

How it works it very simple. 

Simply select the New York mode option:

And that is it! 

The system will move everything up to the start of the New York session and it is triggered based the rules that are set in place.

BONUS #1: Free Session Start Time Indicator for Meta Trader 4 (Value $797)

It is important to know when trading sessions start. Our indicator shows the exact time the session starts on your charts!

There are other resources that you can use to do this; however, none of them allow you to add this data directly to your chart!

BONUS #2: Live Video Calls (Value $1297)

We discuss things like if anyone has issues, if anyone has any suggestions, if anyone needs help with the system, and so much more!
Our goal is to improve the system and strategy so we always listen to all of the user feedback and take in every suggestion.

BONUS #3: Big Ben Breakout Early Adopter Badge (LIFETIME VALUE)

If you join today, you will be eligible for a badge! 

You will get this badge via email, so you can immediately print it out and save it for your records 😉

This system has become a big hit and this badge allows you to show others that you are a valued user of … and contributor to … the product.

Our trusted and loyal subscribers are a big reason why this indicator has been so successful …

In fact, let’s hear from a few of them!

Look guys, I gotta be honest with you. I had only one thing from you , the EMA crossover INDICATOR on MT. After using it on my demo account for a few days , I used it in my real account, I was totally surprised by the accuracy. Well, it takes some time for the right call but for me it was 100% profit.. Thank you team    -Roy

I would give you guys 7 stars . guys do an amazing job and your tools works 😍👌 please keep the good job up and I'm willing to the strategy    -Isaac

I honestly believe that trading strategy guides is in the top 5 of true teachers and help out there online today in the world of trading    -Keron

To tell you the truth it's a great thing to be a part of the family if I knew about them last year at the beginning of the year I would have been financially free. -Romeo

So here is what to do right now...

If you are ready to become an early adopter and gain exclusive early access to our Big Ben Breakout indicator with all of the of extra bonuses and features we are including simply fill out the secure order form below to gain access today!


Now That We Have Updated the Big Ben Indicator to Include an Email Signal Alert Option 

We Have Decided to Go Back to Our Original Launch Pricing…

That Means Order Now & You’ll 75% off the Indicator’s Regular Price!

You Get:

➊ Big Ben Breakout Indicator: Get access to the indicator for MT4 & MT5
➋ Members Only Videos: You get private members only videos about the system!
➌ User Lounge: We created a place to go when you have a feature request or any other information
 ➍ Unlimited Updates: You get all the updates free for life! Early adopters get first priority support.
 BONUS #1 Free Access to Trade Session Start Timer Indicator: We developed a unique tool for Meta Trader the session start times.
 BONUS #2 Early Access Live Video Calls: Live calls with our team! We will discuss things like improvement suggestions and much more.
 BONUS #3 Badge: We will give you a cool little user badge to print out and show off!
Get the Exact Signals That Our Big Ben Indicator 
Identifies Delivered Right to Your Email Inbox!

With our signal service you don’t have to do any calculating or strategizing yourself – you can just take the signals we’ve generated using the strategy and trade right along with us!

With our alerts, you just open an email, get the info you need and make the trades you want! 

Your profits could soar while the time you spend trading – along with your stress level – could plummet!

and there is more...

we also 100% automated this system with our Big Ben EA Robot for Meta Trader 4

That means you can set and forget the Big Ben system and automatically take trades like you see above.

get the entire system for...

You might be thinking... 

So how much would it cost to get this entire package...

Well, we made it easy on you. 

Get the entire Big Ben Breakout Package for

Just $29/mo

When this limited time promotion ends, we have decided to halt sales of this product for two full months. 

That’s right, we are taking it “off the shelf” for 60 days.

That means for two months those who act now could have an “unfair trading advantage” over those who don’t have access to this system! 

During this two-month period, we are going to focus on providing unmatched customer service and to listening to user feedback to grow and improve the product even more. 

Come trade along with us and grow your profits as you help us grow this indicator. 

There will not be another opportunity to get this powerful system and the convenient email signal alerts for such low prices!

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We offer two different package below:

Indicator Package - You get the big ben breakout indicator for Meta Trader 4 and 5 only. Best for those who just want the indicator and nothing else.

All Access Package - You get the big ben breakout indicator for Meta Trader 4 and 5, the Big Ben Breakout EA Robot for MT4, the Big Ben Breakout Email Alerts ***MOST POPULAR*** 

Today's Payment 
$97 One-Time
$197/year (SAVE 44%)
$29/ Month
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Frequently asked questions

Question: When will I get access to the Indicator, robot, email alerts?

Answer: You will immediately get access to the Big Ben Breakout Indicator for Meta Trader 4.  Also, you will get immediate access to the robot. Your email alerts will start coming through within 24 hours!

Question: Will it be available at this price again?

Answer: No. This is a special offer

Question: What about refunds?

Answer: If you are already thinking about a refund, please do not order now.

Question: Does this system guarantee me success?

Answer: No it does not. We have provided you with the trading strategy and rules. You do not need this indicator to trade the strategy. Read the rules and you can trade it manually if you wish. This tool can make it more simple to follow, however.

For any other questions direct them to

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