Note** The Five Candle Indicator (For Meta Trader) is under construction.  The strategy below, however, is still available!

Learn The NEW Five Candle Mastery Strategy To Immediately Boost your Profits by as Much as 3x in as Little as 30 Days or Less!

Unlike our other strategies on our website we have offered in the past, this one is SUPERCHARGED with more unique content, more examples, more pictures, more risk management techniques, and more strict rules to help you learn the strategy TODAY.

 It’s Easy To Develop A Strategy, But Only A Few Know How to Teach It So Traders Can Understand - Our Mission, Goals, and Motivation To Help take Your Trading to The NEXT LEVEL.

Hey there, Trader.

Our team has been hard at work the last year coming out with new fresh strategies to help people all around the world trade Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options, and Bitcoin consistently.

Our Readers love strategies because this type of information you just cannot find anywhere else on the web.

Like one of our loyal readers Mike, for example, who said this:
Now if you ever went on any trading blogs or forums you know that many of the writers have a goal to help you trade the strategy. They are portraying their strategy as the “NEXT BIG THING” but in reality when you starting reading it you are left with much confusion and many questions concerning this “NEW” approach to trading. 

We are tired of seeing those type of confusing, noneducational, lack-of-detailed strategies which is a main reason why we developed the Five Candle Mastery Strategy.

In fact, after searching through hundreds of blogs and forums while spending hours searching for a strategy that actually made sense, we realized there is nothing out there right now like what we do here at Trading Strategy Guides.

We, unlike other traders you see offering advice about trading the markets, offer clear, concise, no nonsense strategies that you can learn instantly...

Let us give you a quick list as to why you need to stick with us and Learn the all new trading system that we just Implemented that is Called The FIVE CANDLE MASTERY STRATEGY.
  • We tell you everything you need to know to trade the strategy. We show you what indicators to use and what times frames is best used with the strategy
  • We break down each strategy in a step by step form so everyone can follow it consistently without getting confused 
  • Our strategies show you clear charting images of each step so you have a visual representation of what to do next 
  • Our team tests these strategies so we know that they are proven to work consistently for traders
  • They can be used consistently with any market and are not just specifically for Forex.
  • We do not just teach one specific strategy, we teach strategies for scalpers, day traders, and swing traders. No one trader is the same so why should there only be one strategy?
  • Most strategies come with just one paragraph of information, our strategies are broken down into different sections so you know what to do next 
  • We give the trader not only what they want, but what they need which is a strategy that they can learn in one day!
  • Our strategies are clear, concise, and stay on point. Many times you read a trading strategy and all the writer talks about is how great he is at trading that particular strategy. We stick to the point and let you decide if the strategy is profitable by following our rules
  • Most of our strategies have only a few simple rules to follow. These rules, however, are strict and if they are broken the trade should never be made based on the strategy. This filters out false patterns and will give you the best chance of making a profitable trade.
  • Most other strategies are hard to follow because they do not give you examples!  We give multiple examples of the strategy so you can see it in real world application
So let’s look at the FACTS...

Any trader can develop a strategy, but only a few can teach them as we do.
The main reason why the Five Candle Mastery Strategy is the best you will find is that we simply have more experience than the average market trader, we took years of training and spent thousands of dollars perfecting our strategies, and we have strict rules we followed with this strategy.

The way we do this is by giving you step by step instructions and detailed images of the strategy so that there is minimal questions.
After Spending Hours of Searching, We Could Not Find A Single Good Strategy
Most strategies are so bad that you look at the image of what they are portraying and you have less idea what the strategy is after you read it than before.

Like this:
If that is the strategy then this trader must think we are all mind readers because to learn an entire system of trading in one sentence is just not possible.

That is like planning a space shuttle launch in one sentence. So in that case it would look something like this..

“Launch the rocket at 12 P.M. and make sure that everything looks good upon takeoff.”

That is essentially what that type of “Trading Strategy” does for you. You take one look at it and have nothing but questions and concerns.
But not the 5 candle Mastery Strategy.. .

We go into many different details and we go the extra mile to make it so anyone can understand it by using our step by step formula inside our 5 candle mastery strategy.

Not only that, but if you ever do have a question about a particular strategy our team is waiting and willing to answer. This is special because most of the time you have no one to turn to for help with these other “GURU STRATEGIES.” 

We continuously send all of these special strategies out to traders all around the world via Email and Social Media completely free of charge every week!

The responses have been a huge inspiration to us to keep doing this for traders and we can proudly say today that we have reached out to over 25,000+ traders to date and have helped them develop a new system to make them a better trader. And that number is growing every single day new traders find our strategies!

We say all of this not to boast, not to brag, not to say that we are a gurus, but to say that we care about YOU the trader, and care about your success in trading the market consistently.

And after tweaking, perfecting, and mastering this new strategy that we are about to show you, this one was so valuable that we had to make it different from the others.
 We had to make this one stand out as the REAL DEAL...
We want you, the trader, to know that this one we mastered, and this one is what you need to take your trading to the next level.

The main reason is that it can double and even triple your rate of return the first 30 days you use it by showing incredible places to enter the market! This is not an exaggerated statement and you will see why soon. 

This strategy has so much value to it and it is so well done, that for us we could not just give it away for Free.

Unlike our other strategies on our website we have offered in the past, this one is SUPERCHARGED with more unique content, more examples, more pictures, more risk management techniques, and more strict rules to help you learn the strategy TODAY.

Once you read it the only thing you will be saying to yourself is "I wish I learned this sooner..!!"

In fact, It is so simple that even the most novice trader, who has not had a winning day in his trading career, could become profitable almost instantly by following the trading strategy that we show you how to trade it extensively in this E book.

Introducing the 5 Candle Mastery strategy designed to take a new trader to mastery in 3 weeks or less and to take a good trader to great.
We like to call this new technique we have developed the 5 Candle Mastery Strategy because it will show you 5 particular POWERFUL candles to look for and what to do if they breach a certain level.

We are going to show you whether the price is about to rocket upwards or rocket downwards with precision accuracy. It's almost like you are the one controlling the market when you see the price action follow the strategy so frequently.

And we are going to show you exactly how to spot this over and over again using a few common indicators that have been around for many years!
The Secrets About Making Your Trading Account Grow in Under a Month!
We uncovered a secret formula in this strategy by not only using a combination of two indicators, but also applying a strict and clear rule set for a buy or a sell trade.

There are hundreds of different elements that goes into growing a trading account in under one month. What we did for you in this strategy is show you different target points that can boost your profits instantly when you apply the methods that we are going to teach you in the 5 Candle Mastery Strategy.

Most of these techniques we have picked up along the way since we have been trading now for over 25 years!

We want to reveal these to you and show you, step by step, how to trade this strategy to perfection.
Five familiar trading problems… which do you want, that we will help you overcome, in this Trading Strategy Report? 
There are many problems a trader faces on a daily basis that we ourselves have even experienced from time to time trading the market.

We constructed a massive list of these problems and narrowed them down to the Five most common.


Because we wanted to develop a specific strategy that will help the trader overcome these so that he can stay consistent and profitable in his trading.

Here is our list of the Top Five Trader problems we helped solve when we developed THE FIVE CANDLE MASTERY STRATEGY:

1. A trader struggles to find a trading plan so he goes from system to system constantly, never to "find one" that fits him best.Our solution to this is that once a trader will read this strategy and adopt it into his own system he will know that this strategy is different from the rest based on his results.

2. Having the wrong Mindset before clicking the buy or sell button. Our solution to this problem is that we take all the “guessing” out of trading by showing you an exact place to enter the market, every trade!

3. Not seeking help and trying to "do it on my own." Our solution is that you are not alone. When you have a question our team will be waiting to answer without delay!

4. Lack of Money Management and blowing his account. Our solution to this is that our strict money management techniques we will show you in the strategy will help keep your mindset focused.

5. NOT FINDING ACCURATE AND PROFITABLE TRADES. Our solution to this was simple. The Strategy will show you consistent profitable trade entries with any market on any timeframe!

We think you can agree with us when we say that at some point or another in your trading you have struggled with at least one of these, or maybe all five of these!

There is no reason to be ashamed or upset now because that will not help you grow as a trader in the future.

The reason is because if you dwell in the past, as a trader, and focus on the bad times and the terrible money management techniques you used, you will only become more frustrated and most likely be one of the 9 out of 10 traders who will eventually quit because they think there is no way you can make money trading.

Learning from the past is critical, but dwelling on it and losing confidence every single trade is something we think will hold you back!! You will learn how to break your bad habits by following the 5 Candle Mastery Techniques we show you in this Strategy.

This strategy will work for any type of trader out there. We tested this with stocks, with futures, with Forex, with bitcoin, and let us just say that it works just as good with any market!

It’s not rocket science and we did not "create the wheel" with this strategy, but we simply considered all of these problems that traders faced and came up with a solution to overcome every one of these problem areas.

The 5 candle Mastery Strategy does not take long to learn and, in fact, we welcome new traders to learn this strategy because this will get you on the right path before you get sucked into a trading system that simply does not perform.
With The Five Candle Mastery Strategy You Will Benefit By Learning the best way to Practice your Trading consistently, Learning to Trade Profitably, and Learning What the 5 Most Important Candles Are on your CHARTS Today.
Making profitable trades and building your account quickly is probably the best part about this strategy.. but the other massive benefit is that you’ll learn our most powerful Trading method in the most impactful way anyone can learn--Practice.

As you trade and profit, you will learn a rules-based method that actually works. And you will learn it by practicing in the market, seeing how it works and managing winning trades over and over again.

There is nothing complex about this strategy. In fact, check out this image below of what we call the 5 GOLDEN CANDLES.
You see the price action do something like this after our 5 Golden Candles that we will show you how to spot....
Then Below you see the result of the trade after we made the entry...
We can show you example after example of this happening using this strategy!

In Fact, here are a few more!! 
Introducing "The 5 Candle Mastery Strategy"
The 5 Candle Mastery strategy helps you analyze the market and find quick, powerful entries so you don’t need to turn your hair grey by staring at your charts for 14 hours a day.
And the best thing is, you don't need to spend a fortune on purchasing this strategy! You can make everything back that you paid for this strategy in one single trade!

The value of this strategy is huge but you will not be paying $397 like others charge for a strategy that is not even half as effective as the 5 Candle Mastery Strategy.

A highly effective strategy… without cost and without any grunt work.

You will be getting many powerful benefits, so you don’t need to mess around with any complicated charts or indicators, tedious installations or technical issues...Our dead simple strategy is available to you instantly.
Some of the incredible benefits you will be receiving today include:
50+ Page E Book Strategy ($99 Value)
Detailed Trade Examples of The Strategy ($49 Value)
Money Management Techniques
($59 value)
Step By Step Strategy Analysis ($79 value)
Lets Just Say Our Strategies are Highly Trusted By Our Traders..
So this strategy alone is a $972 in total value with this complete 5 Candle Mastery Package!

And we normally would sell this type of training for $297 but we want to lower that price and offer it to you for what you see below.

But you need to act fast today. You need to decide right now if you are ready to take the next step in becoming a profitable trader.

You need to be ready to learn and willing to change. If are ready to take that next step to learn this strategy and learn how you can start trading for a living, go ahead right now and click on the button below!
This deal will only be going on for a short amount of time, and the price WILL go up.

So we recommend you do this today, before you forget and lose out on this HUGE opportunity.

By Learning this Strategy There Will be Extra Income Opportunities Per Year...
The reason why this strategy will show you how to get extra income per year is because of what specific things we show you.

With the 5 candle mastery strategy you will know exactly when to place a market order. In fact, most of the trades you will make could be market orders.

That means that once you nail down this strategy you can find a potential entry place based on the strategy you can place your market order and everything else the strategy tells you to do and walk away knowing that if it gets trigger you just entered a trade that can make you anywhere from 20-50 pips consistently.

And once you learn how much to risk you will go from making your account grow by 1% a month to 3% or even 5% and more!

That’s the power of risk management that the 5 candle mastery strategy will show you...
The Income Opportunities are Endless...
By growing your account that quickly you Could Provide for your entire family and help provide money to charities.
Or Travel the world for the entire year...
Whatever you want to do, this extra income can help take you there. That’s the power of using the 5 Candle Trading system to supercharge the growth of a portion of your portfolio.

Bonuses With this Powerful 5 Candles Mastery Strategy you get for Free Today!
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We will show you great trade ideas like what you see above every day inside our members area. We are going to share a clean and easy chart to read, where to enter, when not to enter, and much more based on the specific strategy that we use.

The trade ideas will come from any of the powerful strategies that we have been using for years. We will also share with you trade ideas based on the FIVE CANDLE MASTERY STRATEGY!

So think about that…

All the risk is on us here, so there is no reason why you just not at least give this strategy a try!

This service is specifically designed to help our members make consistent profitable trades everyday. This a huge BONUS why being one of our members will help make you a better trader!

One Single Winning Trade could be worth $500 or more and we are going to give you this signal service completely FREE with the strategy today.

Some charge $500 a month for a service like this but we will give it to you for free because we know you are serious about taking your trading to the next level!
FREE Bonus #2: Help and Support about the 5 Candle Mastery Strategy
This is one of favorite bonuses we give you... HELP!

We all need help in our trading so our support team is ready and willing to assist you with any question you have about trading the market.

If you ever have a question with this strategy, just ask and one of our seasoned trading veterans will assist you.

Our promise is that when you become one of our members, you will know without a doubt that made the right decision.

Coaching is very valuable and expensive….Trading coaches can be charge 10k a month but you get it free! 

This Bonus is so valuable that we are taking a huge risk here…
If we get thousands of traders who want coaching today, think about how many coaches we will need to add to our team?

In fact, this Bonus is not going stay here long…

Once we Reach a set number of traders we will have to shut this Bonus DOWN!

So if you want in today, you better do so now!
P.S. JOIN NOW and Here is Everything you will Receive today...
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The Five Candle Guarantee...
“Our team has worked tirelessly on this system. If you are not happy, we are not happy! Our guarantee is that if you do not get the results you were hoping for, you can message our support team, and we will start working with you immediately to help you achieve the desired results. To qualify for a refund, you must use the system to take and document a minimum of 30 trades which you will send to us for review. If you are still not satisfied with the results you have achieved, we will coach you, to tweak your entries for better results, in order to make sure that you are profitable. If you find that you are still not satisfied with your results, after completing this process, you will be fully refunded. We want you to be as committed to your success as we are!”
P.P.S This Offer is not for you if:
  • You have no real desire to become a successful trader 
  • You want to try something for a day and give up without asking for help.
  •  This is not for people looking for a get rich quick scheme. Yes you can get rich quickly using these techniques but it wont be overnight and it will require effort and discipline on your part. 
  •  This is not for people who are not willing to put the time and work into learning the trading techniques that we offer to you.
  •  This is not for you if you just want to try this for one day and request a refund, we are looking for serious traders if you are going to do that then don't bother investing in this strategy.
Now This Offer is for you if:
  •  This is for anyone that really wants to find a way to make a good living from the comforts of your home.
  • This is for people that already trade, its great for current traders. No matter if you are a good trader or a bad trader this will make you a great trader.  
  •  This is for people that want to learn a system that doesn't require hours and hours sitting in front of a trading screen all day. You can do this by trading 2 hours or less per day.
  •  You want to Effortlessly make trades and watch them go for huge winners while keeping your risk small.
  •  This is for You if full time job or a busy schedule because it works in any time frame and if you need to trade long term instead of short term.
  •  If you want to take your trading to the next level 
Okay So here is what to do next...

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